Look Book: Getting One Direction’s Style

Something you guys probably don’t know about me is that One Direction is at the top of my list of all-time favorite bands. Yes, they’re right up there with The Backstreet Boys, McFly, Paramore, and BTS (I know, that’s a very diverse mix) even though they sound like they shouldn’t be. I don’t know why, but I just can’t help it; their music is simply too good for me not to fall for it.

Some people, however, obviously beg to differ with my opinion of their music being great, which I’m totally cool with; each man to his own. Whether you like their tunes or not, though, I think we all can agree that the 1D boys are a pretty dapper bunch, and, as a fashion aficionado, I think that deserves some appreciation.

Well, two Sundays ago now, I was at their concert, and it inspired me to do a look book on how to recreate each member’s unique style, you know, as a sort of homage to said styles’ amazing-ness. And so, right now, that’s exactly what I have here for you.

I tried to keep it all pretty simple so that my looks can be universally re-done, but even if you can’t recreate any of this, I still hope that you at least enjoy it. I know I certainly enjoyed making it.

Here we go!

Look Book: Getting One Direction’s Style

Outfit #1: Harry Styles

While every member dresses pretty darn nicely, Harry is by far the fashion king of the group. (But, then again, how can he not be when “style” is literally his last name?) Everything he wears is just incredible, from his shirts and jackets to his hats and scarves to his dark and ripped jeans to his fabulous, fabulous shoes.

Oh, his shoes!!!!

As a shoe-lover, I absolutely envy Harry’s collection. While most people fangirl over him, I do so over whatever it is that is covering his feet. (No shame.) Honestly, if I was the criminal type, I would totally break into his house and take them all. Seriously. I’m not even joking here.

But, alas, I’m not the criminal type, and so I remain here in Pittsburgh, simply pining.

Fabulous shoes aside, though, Harry has one specific overall look that he is known for constantly rocking: a low-cut blouse (a.k.a. a half-buttoned dress shirt) with incredibly tight black jeans, boots, and a large-brimmed hat. And that, my friends, is what I decided to bring to you today.

I mean, if you’re gonna emulate Harry, you might as well be as stereotypical as possible, right?harry 7 harry 1 harry 4 harry 6

He also almost always has on rings and a watch. That’s kind of a tangent, though, so I’m gonna stop now with that while I’m ahead.

Enjoy my re-creation that follows:

1D Look Book 032

Tight, black jeans, ankle boots, a low-cut and crazily patterned blouse, a wide-brimmed hat, short and curly hair, a watch, lots of rings, hipster sunglasses: I think I hit the nail that is Harry’s style (ba don chhh) right on the head.

And, also, my gray sky and lush greenery perfectly embody his homeland, don’t you think?

(PS – Look at that lens flare!)

1D Look Book 089 1D Look Book 066

If I had ripped jeans, I would have used those instead, for Harry almost always seems to have pants with holes in the knees. However, I don’t own any pants that are distressed, so I settled for the less-edgy version of Harry’s bottoms instead.

I also chose to leave my shirt un-tucked for this outfit (as much as I didn’t want to due to my incredibly stubby legs), for Harry would never tuck in a shirt like this. However, if it so please you, style your shirt whichever way you like; you don’t have to literally become him if you don’t want.

1D Look Book 097 1D Look Book 108

In general, though, to correctly dress like Harry, you simply need to be as androgynously 1960’s as possibly.1D Look Book 049 1D Look Book 055 1D Look Book 048

As well as naturally dramatic as possible.
1D Look Book 126 1D Look Book 132

To get Harry’s hair (if you really want to go full-out with your look), simply curl your locks with any old curling iron and then proceed to brush them out with either your fingers or a comb; it will leave a very naturally wavy look, just like Harry has.

To get my hair to be about the same length as his (because it’s actually probably at least a whole foot longer), I simply took my hair after I curled and brushed it and gave myself a ponytail on the center of the very top of my head. Then I let the “tail” fall all around my face and put the hat on top. And, viola! I had Harry’s hair! (Kind of…)

1D Look Book 123 1D Look Book 162

I’m not a hat person at all; every one I ever wear tends to give me a very manly-looking face shape, so I typically avoid them. I guess that works out well for this post, though, since I’m trying to portray a man.

Well, this is the only hat I own that could even remotely resemble one of Harry’s, and, honestly, it only does so because it is black. So, rather than a certain style of hat, I simply recommend using any black one of your choice; it’ll get the point across well enough.

But now, it’s jewelry time.

1D Look Book 124 1D Look Book 139 1D Look Book 142

(Shouts to my nails 😉 )1D Look Book 165

(Just ignore the fact that my watch is too big for my wrist. Thanks.)

Speaking of watches, any one that has a large face works perfectly fine. As for rings, just make sure you stack lots of them, for when Harry wears hand bling, he doesn’t mess around.

1D Look Book 176 1D Look Book 191 1D Look Book 186 1D Look Book 189

For shoes, ankle boots of any sort work, mostly because that’s literally all Harry wears. But that’s okay; who needs variety when every pair is still fabulous?

Outfit #2: Liam Payne

My friends like to refer to Liam as “The Blob,” and while it sounds a little mean, for some reason, I still can’t help but agree that he is, in the most loving way possible, sort of a blob. (I don’t think they mean it too endearingly, though…)

Well, in my searching for a typical look of his to emulate, I’ve noticed that Liam likes to layer. Scratch that. Liam loves to layer. He also seems to be the only member in the group who is a fan of light-wash, baggy denim.

So, I’ve taken those two observations and created a look that [hopefully] captures what he typically wears. 

liam 3liam 4

liam 2

1D Look Book 309

Does this look not just scream Liam? No? Okay, maybe it’s just me who thinks so. Maybe I just needed some baggier pants…1D Look Book 322 1D Look Book 368

I chose to smile here and there in this set because he’s literally the only one in the group who ever smiles in his pictures. No joke, everyone else is always so seriously posed, and then there’s Liam, just smiling away. What a good soul.

1D Look Book 362 1D Look Book 312

^That was me rowing. Guess the 1D MV that I’m referencing.

1D Look Book 333 1D Look Book 335 1D Look Book 338 1D Look Book 344 1D Look Book 347

I chose this particular jacket because Liam really likes to wear collars of this sort and jackets of this shape, no matter what color they be. Also, I chose the white t-shirt to put underneath because he practically only layers with white t-shirts, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I actually love people who dress so simplistically; it’s refreshing.

1D Look Book 369 1D Look Book 372 1D Look Book 374

Sorry, but I just had to sneak some McFly in here somewhere.

1D Look Book 409 1D Look Book 407 1D Look Book 397

Okay, so I know that Liam would probably never wear these shoes ever in his life, but I wore them nonetheless. Basically, my sister told me that I wasn’t allowed to wear any other form of footwear because “The Blob” needed some spice in his life. So I didn’t wear any other form of footwear. You’re welcome, Bekah.

If I wasn’t forced to wear these, though, I probably would have put on some rustic-looking, hiking-like, lace-up combat boots. Liam really likes to rock those.

Outfit #3: Louis Tomlinson

I promise now that I am going to refrain from any dad jokes in this section, as hard as it may be.

Well, other than Harry, Louis was the easiest look for me to choose. Why? Because we literally dress exactly the same, that’s why, which is something I was not expecting.

Basically, the only thing Louis wears is button-ups buttoned all the way up or t-shirts, with the occasional other button-up layered on top of them. Just like Liam, it’s all fairly simple, and I love it.
louis 4 louis 2 louis 3 louis 1

Also, sneakers. Louis literally only wears sneakers.

So maybe we don’t dress so similarly, after all…1D Look Book 248

In order to capture Louis, I simply chose a white button-up to be layered underneath a chambray one. I chose to leave the sleeves unrolled this time around just because, and I paired it all with black jeans and sneakers, just as he would.

1D Look Book 197 1D Look Book 205

^That was me imitating both his goofiness as well as literally the only way he ever stands on the red carpet.

If you look at Louis’ ankles in any of his pictures, you’ll notice that 99.9% of the time, he has his jeans rolled up slightly. And so, I did the same to mine.

1D Look Book 228 1D Look Book 220 1D Look Book 240 1D Look Book 239 1D Look Book 223 1D Look Book 236 1D Look Book 238

It’s just a really simple and easy to wear yet incredibly flattering outfit, and I feel like, if nothing else from this post, everyone should at least try this one.

(Emphasis on the “everyone.” Seriously, anyone, both female and male, can recreate these outfits. That’s the beauty of 1D’s style.)

1D Look Book 263 1D Look Book 252 1D Look Book 251

Now is when I am going to point out my lack of makeup and hair styling; while I still have some makeup on and still have my hair styled somewhat, I very obviously didn’t do much (as if my dark circles weren’t the dead giveaway). I did that solely because 1D doesn’t wear makeup, and I was trying to embody them as accurately as possible. You, however, obviously don’t have to go that extreme if you don’t want to. I just thought I’d point it out, though, just so no one’s wondering why on earth I look so, well, drug-addict-like.


1D Look Book 272

^Sorry, but I couldn’t resist putting the above picture in. I look like a dancer! It’s so cool!!!

Now for the real shoe pics, though.1D Look Book 281 1D Look Book 290 1D Look Book 297

These are literally the only pair of sneakers I own, and I hardly ever wear them. I don’t know why, but tennis shoes of any sort just aren’t my first pick of footwear (if you couldn’t already tell by the title of this blog) — although, I do like them on other people depending on the outfit. I guess maybe that’s the reason why I approve so much of Louis’ style, sneakers included (yes, even when those sneakers just so happen to be Converse).

Outfit #4: Niall Horan

Last but certainly not least, we have the most low maintenance of all the 1D members. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the one, the only, the lad who is the King of Plaid, Sir Niall Horan (as well as his perfect-for-fall wardrobe).

niall 2 niall 5 niall 1 niall 3

1D Look Book 424

A plaid button-down left undone and layered on top of a plain, white t-shirt is all one needs in order to instantly transform into Niall Horan (as well as Sam Winchester).

1D Look Book 431 1D Look Book 442 1D Look Book 481 1D Look Book 479 1D Look Book 440

Basically, just pick any plaid you want, for Niall wears it all. And don’t be afraid to give someone a little wave in the spirit of the Irish boy, too; he’s literally the only one who ever waves at anyone. Ever.

1D Look Book 415 1D Look Book 417

As for rolling your sleeves, you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but in my research, I noticed that he cuffs them more often than not, so I did so to mine, too. I picked a more casual, undone kind of cuff just to fit the feel of the outfit, but if you prefer a more precise, clean look, then, by all means, roll as evenly as possible.
1D Look Book 502 1D Look Book 508 1D Look Book 507 1D Look Book 513

My pictures are a bit excessive, I know. Sorry, but I just couldn’t narrow it down any further. I like this post way too much!1D Look Book 536 1D Look Book 520 1D Look Book 518

Shouts to my untied shoe (thanks, Bekah, for letting me know about that).

So Niall doesn’t really wear oxfords, but he does wear shoes that are generally pretty streamlined and classy, so oxfords, while inaccurate, still work nicely. If you want to be as correct as possible, though, wear some more ankle boots with your look, kind of like Harry, but a little less daring.

1D Look Book 487And that’s it!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

If any of these outfits end up inspiring the way you dress one day, I’d love to see it! So don’t be afraid to send a pic of you trying them out my way.

Thanks again! Until next time! ❤

(PS – If you want to know where you can find any of the clothing I wore in this post, just ask in the comments below! I’d be more than happy to share it with you.)

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