My Day in Beauty (and other stuff)

Hi, all! This post is coming at ya a little late, which I️ apologize for. Today, I’ve sort of just been lounging around and getting stuff done, taking care of some things that have needed getting done for a long time. And this post is here to take you on that journey with me. Yay! Let’s go!

First, let’s start with an image of my dinner last night. Cause it was BOMB.


It was Japanese udon with some veggies (mushrooms, onions, carrots) and grilled Korean fish cake added in. I️t was LIT. SO GOOD.

Now for this morning.


I’ve been lounging about in this sweater dress sort of thing all day, and it’s so soft and comfy and warm. It’s from H&M last year, but you can currently buy a similar one both online and in stores.

Other than relaxing and zoning out, I️ spent my morning enjoying tea and doing a little Christmas shopping. I️ would tell you what I️ purchased, but my family reads this blog, so it would spoil the surprise. I’ll do a post on the things that I️ bought after the holiday season, maybe, but probably not, lol. Let’s be real.

I️ then followed the shopping with a little bit of breakfast.





And some budgeting of my money, cause Christmas is on it’s way!

Also, look at this sick chess set I️ bought. I️ suck at chess, but it’s so pretty ❤


After eating, I️ took some time to work and answer emails, etc. (All that boring stuff 😦 ) I️ followed it with a delicious lunch of Korean food, cause I️ can’t stop eating it since I️ spent my summer there.



It’s samgyeopsal, or little pieces of thick, uncured bacon. Fry it up in a skillet or roast it over a fire, then eat it with rice and lettuce, and it’s amazing.


And this is a spicy fish cake soup. Mmmm.

Next up, I️ took some time to decorate for Christmas. Cause why not?


I️ got most of this stuff at the dollar store, except for the tree and the bulb ornaments. Those are from Target and can be found here.


After painting the ornaments above (which was so fun, omg), I️ moved onto pampering myself.


I️ started with my nails.



Prior to this, I had incredibly chipped black polish left on my nails from Halloween. I used this nail polish remover, which I bought at a dollar store in a small town in Korea this summer, in order to take it off.

I’m taking the time to show you this remover because, for being a little over a dollar, it’s fantastic. It takes all of my nail polish off with just one cotton ball (as you can see if you look to the right of the bottle in the image above). Even when I still have a full coat left on my nails when I want to change colors, I still only need one go at it. It’s quite incredible.

Here’s another look at the aftermath of using this (after having done my toes, too):


Only two cotton balls total. DANG.

Anyway, I used the below (or above) matte gold nail polish from Topshop first, then followed it by the below (or above) gold glitter top coat by Butter London as an accent on my ring fingers.





I really love how this turned out, which is strange because I normally hate how accent nails look on me. And I loved it so much that I even carried the design on down to my little toesies.


Excuse the cut on my left big toe. I literally have no idea how it happened.

After finishing up my incredibly unprofessional mani-pedi, I made some more tea and hit my nose with a pore strip.




The tea is phenomenal, but I have no idea what kind it is/where you can get it. As for the nose strips, they are Pig-nose Clear Black Head Perfect Stickers. They work fairly well (which I will show you below), but I don’t recommend purchasing them because I know there are a billion products out there that work better.




Excuse my dirty bathroom mirror, and sorry that I really couldn’t get the crap on the pore strip to show up in the photo. But trust me: There was a little bit of crap there. And my nose looks pretty poreless in the final picture, so they’re really not terrible pore strips.

Next up: Face mask.


I used the lemon one here, which I bought in Korea this summer. It’s for brightening your skin by removing all of the dirt, oil, and sebum from your pores. After keeping it on for about 25 minutes, my skin ended up looking much, much more glowy and healthy.



And after heading out and then returning home (for which I did not dress up), I ended my night by making sweet Korean pancakes, which are filled with brown sugar and peanuts and general yummy yum yums.






If you’ve never eaten these, you absolutely need to. You think American pancakes are good? Wait until you try these.

And that is all! Thanks so much for reading, and I will be back with another post tomorrow!

Until next time ❤

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