Trending for Summer 2015: Minimalistic Shoes

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A.K.A. Shoes of the Future…or of The Hunger Games‘ Capitol. Whichever you prefer.

Okay, so I’m not gonna lie: I live on Pinterest. But how could I not when the vast majority of it consists of fashion photography, one of my most favorite things?

Now, of course, at times, my pinning addiction can be problematic, such as when I need to get up off my butt and go to class or clean my house or buy some groceries.The nice thing about it, though, is that it allows one who avidly follows the style and fashion boards of the site (a.k.a. me) to watch trends for the upcoming seasons as they arise and evolve.

Transitioning this year from spring into summer, the most drastic change in trends I’ve noticed has occurred in the shoe department. Now, this could definitely only be because I love shoes almost more than life itself and thus tend to notice them — as well as all of their changes — a lot more easily than other items, but this time around, I really don’t think it’s because of that at all. No, it’s definitely because the styles of shoes being made and bought and worn have really and truly been redone entirely. That’s right: This summer marks the start of a shoe revolution! (Which is why I’ve decided to point it out.)

Another thing that I feel I need to point out: It’s not just on Pinterest where I’ve seen these new styles of shoes. It’s everywhere: in magazines, at work, on the streets. Yes, for the first time in a long time, I really do believe that the attitude toward footwear has changed entirely, and I’m starting to think it very possible that it will remain this way for quite some time. So, whether you like it or not, this new trend of footwear is here to stay, and because of that, I highly recommend you learn to love it, embrace it, and rock it, for, not too long from now, you may not have any other choice.

The Minimalistic Shoe

I was going to say “Trend” after “Shoe” in the header, but I decided to cut it because it isn’t true; “trend” implies “fad,” and unlike the popularity of pizza and kale among young adults right now (ironic, right?), this new style of shoes isn’t a fad. Maybe some of the cuts and designs are, but minimalism in general is here to stay, as I’ve already said more than once now.

Basically, you’ve just gotta trust me on this one: I’ve already seen most of the designs for the store I work in for the next year, and minimalism is remaining key.

But why the drastic change all of a sudden from stilettos in crazy designs to streamlined, one-color flats?

You know, I honestly can’t tell you, for I don’t have the power to read every designer’s mind. What I can tell you, though, is that I have a feeling it has something to do with the way the world is changing. It’s becoming an even smaller place than before (if that’s even possible), and so more and more people are traveling, are working non-stop, are running around on their feet for hours and hours on end. And while some women find it perfectly alright to still wear their aforementioned stilettos into these crazily busy times we’re entering, most have found it, well, quite bunion-enducing. And so, out of a sudden desperate need for comfort and style, designers have switched over to minimalism. (I mean, you gotta change your products as the wants of society change if you’re going to stay in business, right?)

Here’s what I love about minimalism, though: Even though simpler than before, it’s still not simple at all. Sure, there’s less straps and buckles and sparkles on some pairs that have bolder cuts, but on other pairs with a more basic cut, you can still find all of those extra, fun, shiny doodads.

So I guess what minimalism really is is just choosing one aspect of a style and accentuating it, making it sleeker and thus easier to wear with just about anything (as well as for just about any amount of time). See what I mean below:

Minimalistic Sandals-

Genivee Sandals

Photo From: WhoWhatWear

Photo From: Diorina

& Other Stories | Flat Leather Sandals

From: & Other Stories (H&M’s sister store!!)

Photo From: Lavishly Lovely

Gladiator shoes took over the Spring 2015 runways. See the rest of our favorite shoe trends here:

Photo From: Harper’s Bazaar

Luna Slip-on Sandals

From: Sole Society *Image from Sole Society’s Pinterest*

What do you notice above?

Well, I’ll tell you what I notice: A thorough throwback to the simplicity of the mid-’90s.

Yes, sandals are suddenly very simple. With either thick-and-few or thin-and-many straps (that tend to deviate extremely from yesteryear’s gladiator) in one basic, often neutral color, sandals are now sleek, streamlined, and simply stylish, making them suddenly a lot easier to wear with anything, a must for the now constantly on-the-go woman.

My personal favorite trends are the rebirth of the Birkenstock as well as the woven, basket-like sandal. But any general one or two strap slip-on will always hold a place near and dear to my heart; easy on, easy off: How could I not love them?

Colors I recommend purchasing are whites, blacks, browns, and blues, mostly because those seem to be the only options out there, but also because they are the easiest to style. As far as patterns go, you’re not going to find many out there other than the occasional snake skin, polka dot, floral, stripe, or other tiny design (like miniature stars or smiley faces). I tend to gravitate toward stripes, flowers, and all of the quirky, little designs that most people find ridiculous, but, honestly, any aforementioned pattern will be completely on point.

Minimalistic Flats-


Image From:

Image From: La mode comme il fault (whatever that means)

Image From:

Image From: WhoWhatWear

Image From: _liesl_ on Instagram

Forever 21 Faux Leather Pointed Loafers in Rose Gold // Metallic Loafers

Image From: WhoWhatWear

Shoes: ,  Bag:

Image From: Song of Style

Not gonna lie: If I could, I totally would have just put all pictures of flatforms above. But because that’s not everyone’s cup of tea (even though mine), I didn’t. You’re welcome. But I’m still going to gush about the flatform in three, two…


Edgy, sleek, yet comfortable height? Now, I’m 5’8″, so I don’t really need that much height added onto me, but still: How can anyone resist that?

I do believe, however, that the flatform is very much so one the few fads within minimalism that I mentioned earlier, and in five years, I’ll probably be wondering why on earth I ever even loved them. But for now, I highly recommend wearing them while you can. Just make sure you don’t get a pair that’s too expensive, though, for, as I just said, you won’t be able to wear them for long.

All of the other trending shoes in this category, however, even though re-imagined, are still classics: espadrilles, sneakers, ballet flats, loafers, oxfords. And so, even once the minimalist phase passes in, oh, I don’t know, say, 20, 30 years, you’ll still be able to wear them. Because, in all reality, minimalsm can never really go out of style; it’s too simple for that.

Other than the flatform, I highly recommend the new takes on oxfords and loafers that are abounding everywhere. If going for a classic cut, try a bold color, like metallic gold, neon orange, or cobalt blue with white polka dots. While being bold in color and pattern, the classic cut still keeps them refreshingly simple (a.k.a. minimalistic).

Image From:

Image From: *Even though men’s shoes, these are exactly what I’m talking about, and anyone of any gender can totally rock them if they really want.*

If going for a more modern cut, keep the color basic/neutral. Also try colorblocking that uses black as its base and only one other color in one other place:

Image From: Pheonix Magazine

And if you’re feeling really daring, try some cut-out oxfords.

Image From: Racked

Image 1 of ASOS MIGHT YOU Cut Out Leather Jazz Shoes

From: Asos

*Flatform optional*

Minimalistic Heels-


Image From: Live, Give, Love

From: Nasty Gal


Image From: TheyAllHateUs


Image From: Elle UK via Pinterest

What Our Editors Wore To NYFW #refinery29

Image From: Refinery 29

None of it is any different with heels: If bold and sparkly in color, the cut is simple, sleek, and modern, but if the color is a bit more subdued, then the cut is what’s daring.

For this summer, everything is strappy (go figure), but the straps, again, will only be between thin-and-many or thick-and-few.

Chunky, sturdy heels have generally replaced sky-high sltilettoes, and the kitten length is ever-popular. Clogs are also making a comeback after all these years (kinda like Big Bang), although, I’m not too sure how I feel about that one. While cute on the people I see wearing them, I just can’t get myself to give ’em a whirl as well; I think I’m still scarred by my elementary school days when I was asked to do a jig the only time I wore them.

Along with clogs, we are also seeing more heeled oxfords than ever before.

Alexander Wang metallic heeled oxfords

Image From: Refinery 29 via Pinterest

And, as with any oxford shoe, I recommend these most of all.

So what do you think? Are you as excited for minimalism as I am, or do you miss the flamboyant, death-defying styles of old? (Yes, I’m talking to you, Louboutin.) Let me know in the comments below.

And, just for copyright purposes, no, none of these pictures are my own. You’d have to be insane to believe I’m that good at photography.

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