OOTD: Clueless Edition

Yesterday afternoon before work, I spent my time photographing a “get the look” post for my sister’s blog…that was in honor of the 20th anniversary of Clueless.

In other words, that was freaking awesome and that made me want to dress for work that night in order to honor Clueless, too.

And so, here I have my Clueless outfit of yesterday for you all. Sure, it may be a little more school girl than the film ever went, but I don’t care. It still captures the essence of it all, nonetheless.

Before you see mine, though, check out my sister’s post, the one that inspired me. It’s fantastic, as always.

Clueless OOTD

We start with the outfit:


32 30 20 14 15

It features a red plaid skirt and black shirt, both from H&M (and no longer available), and a white, collared button-up from Marshall’s.

Here’s the hair, which is in bows because I was lacking 90’s clips:


And here’s a selfie montage of me trying to capture the makeup while not looking like an awkward troll:

3 4 7

It’s all 90’s natural, except for the lips — although, red lipstick is totally rocked more than a few times in the movie, so my choice can be excused.

And it all only looks better with a matching skinned knee:


Just kidding. Black oxfords are what make it better — and if they’re chunky/platform, you get extra points.

(Gotta love that softball life, though.)

Well, that’s it. Mark this as my shortest blog post ever. Holla. Hopefully you liked it. Hopefully you’ll give it


Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Until next time! ❤

  One thought on “OOTD: Clueless Edition

  1. thezspaceblog
    07/21/2015 at 12:53 PM

    Love the outfit! A great little tribute to a hollywood classic!


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