An OOTD Weekend: My Birthday

Wow. I just realized that it’s been eight days since my last post. Oops. Well, I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun. Er, um, maybe not.

Anyway, my birthday was this past Sunday, so of course I spent the entirety of last weekend celebrating. I mean, who wouldn’t take advantage of that? Your birthday being on a weekend is just like your birthday being celebrated in Disney; it’s the perfect excuse to use up the entire span of time available in order to celebrate. So you must do it. Must.

Well, because it was my birthday this past weekend, I tried to dress pretty nicely for everything I did so as to not scare everyone away the one time I actually wanted people around me. And so, as normal, I documented the outfits and will be sharing them with you on here. Huzzah!

Something to note, though: I would have gotten this post out on Monday when I wanted to if it wasn’t for Google locking me out of my account for 24 hours due to “overactivity.” And since Monday was my only free day until today, well, things got a bit over delayed. So sorry, guys, for the aforementioned eight days of nothing, but at least this time, it wasn’t really my fault.

This time.

Now let us begin.

OOTD Weekend: Birthday Edition

Outfit from Day #1 (Friday, July 31)

Friday consisted solely of swimming in a pool at a friend’s neighbor’s house and then going out to dinner for my birthday with my mother and sister. (My dad unfortunately had to skip the meal because he was not feeling well, the poor guy 😦 ) And since swimming involves nothing but a bathing suit and some junky clothes you aren’t afraid to get covered in chlorine, what I have for you here is just what I wore that evening:

25 20 16

It’s just a simple outfit consisting of a navy blue trumpet skirt and a gray, striped blouse with a bow tie, but I really liked it nonetheless (even though I couldn’t seem to get a flattering picture of it via the mirror). I was feeling very fancy and French that evening, which is why I chose it. Because, you know, trumpet skirts and bows embody the French so well.

28 10

I really need to start asking people to take these pictures for me. We will see…

Anyway, the outfit was way more on point than it appears here. However, it was not as on point as the food we ended up getting. We went to a Chinese and Japanese bistro, and they just nailed it. I took a picture of the meal for your viewing enjoyment:


So beautiful! So delicious!

If only I had remembered to take a picture of the sushi. Sigh… Psy…

Okay, I’ll stop with the lame jokes before I even get started.

Outfit from Day #3 (Sunday, August 2)

A.K.A. My birthday!!

Wait, what’s that you say? I skipped Saturday, August 1? Well, why, yes, I did, and for good reason, too; I didn’t leave my house that day, and so I had no outfit to show you. The only thing I could show you is the tremendous amount of food I ate, but I think it’s best if I just keep that to myself.

And so we are skipping Saturday and heading straight to my birthday.





I don’t know, but I love it. And it certainly makes up for the fact that Google locked me out of my account when I needed it most. Harrumph.

Well, my birthday was a very busy day. I received a gift from my parents in the morning, went to lunch with the whole family and received a few more gifts in the early afternoon, met some friends for dinner in the evening, and then went to a concert with my sister that night. It was truly a wonderful day, even though jam-packed.

And, obviously, such an absolutely lovely day calls for an equally lovely outfit.

Okay, so maybe “lovely” isn’t the correct adjective; I was dressed like a hippie going to a festival, after all. But it just felt right, so I had to.

I layered a black crop top that had lace fringe over a skirt with a subtle floral pattern. Again, it was simple, but it was also cute and comfortable, which was exactly what I needed for a day of not being at home.167178

It also photographed a lot better than the other one.

As for my makeup, I got pretty daring (for me, at least). I mean, it was my birthday, after all, so why not doll myself up a bit more than usual?157158

Basically, I used eyeshadow and a tiny bit of eyeliner on top of my typical foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, powder, mascara, and lipstick-only look. I did, however, still keep it monochrome in order to remain as natural as possible.

Hey, I can’t get too crazy!

(PS – No, those eyelashes are not fake. They are my own.)

Speaking of crazy, though, I also applied some flash tattoos to my left arm in order to spice up my look a bit. I mean, I already was embodying the hippie, so why not add even more boho to the mix? I would eventually be going to a concert, anyway.

Surprisingly, these stayed on my arm until yesterday. Not bad for only costing me one dollar.

And here’s one last look at the birthday outfit:186192

And that was it! Not too riveting, sure, but that’s only fitting since I’m not too riveting myself.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to give this a read! I hope you enjoyed yourself. Until next time! ❤
105(Now to go put a cranky racist/misogynist in his place on my other blog. Muahaha.

I think I’m just a little too excited for this…)

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