Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like J-Hope in BTS’ ‘Young Forever’ Concept Photos


Y’all ready for some Gucci???

(This is the greatest moment of my life right now ❤ I love Gucci ❤ ❤ )

Okay, so we’re starting a new Bangtan Style series, mostly because my photographer [sister] is out shopping, so I can’t photograph the other posts I want to make.

This time around, we’re gonna be dissecting the ‘Young Forever’ album concept photos. I absolutely love them to death, not only because of the clothing but also because of the way they were staged, photographed, and edited. They’re just so beautiful, and my goal is to recreate them all.

So prepare yourself, cause there are a lot of photos and a lot of different outfits to be discussed.

Anyway, click here to see the last Bangtan Style post I did (for “FIRE”). Also, click here to view the next post in this series once it is up.

Now let’s begin 😀

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like J-Hope in BTS’ ‘Young Forever’ Concept Photos

Alright, here are the photos I’m basing my outfit off:

Why yes, I would love a marshmallow. Thank you very much.

Anyway, his outfit is so Gucci, in that incredible, whimsical, Italian way. I love it. Now here’s my version:





You’ll notice three things that are different in it: No silk bomber, no beret, and no giant pink rose at my neck. I chose to eliminate those aspects for many reasons, the biggest probably being that they’re just not very wearable. They’re totally fine in a fun, fantastical photoshoot, but in real life? Uh-uh.






Moving past that, in order to recreate J-Hope’s outfit for yourself, all you really have to do is pair a powder blue collared shirt with some navy shorts. Specific styles and sleeve/waist lengths do not matter. If you get the colors down (and maybe also materials), then you’ll have a perfectly wearable version of his outfit.








As for the rose, even though I knew I could never pull off a giant flower just chilling at my neckline, I still loved the way the pink stood out against all the blue. So instead of going full-on Gucci, I toned the high fashion down with a little rose necklace I got way back in high school. The effect of it is just the same, except a little more socially acceptable.







Now for the shoes:

DSC_0385 (2)

DSC_0387 (2)

It really surprised me that the stylists paired J-Hope’s outfit with boat shoes, just because all the other boys had loafers on. But I guess there always does have to be an odd man out, so whatever.

I know he is wearing blue ones to tie back into his outfit, which you can do, too, if you have them. However, also note that any boat shoe of any neutral shade (white, black, brown, navy, gray, beige, etc.) will also work. Try to shy away from army green, though. That neutral would ruin it.


And we’re done!

Thank you so much for reading. Once again, if you want to see the last Bangtan Style post I did, please click here. You can also click here to see the next post in this series once it is up.

Until next time ❤

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