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UGHHHHHHHHHHSGUF&%&^gEJBNVI4I873592HF^%^y#(*BAWLLHA(*hdibdkja That’s how I’ve felt since September, except back then, the feeling was slightly less and thus able to be verbalized. So, I wrote about it, thinking I’d get better, but ever since, things have simply spiraled until becoming absolute, pure, incoherent gibberish. S478&gdhbdhd%&%^(&BSIBVUHWt&guj#&*^&^RRYGgsichw8Y8h&% I reiterate because I need to get this feeling out. Honestly, I’ve never really wanted to…


September… A soft, cool breeze after an endless, stifling, sweaty summer… The first calming normalcy after exhilarating, anxious, chaotic hubbub that just blurs together and flashes by… September… Lurking behind August, it’s the first gasp in a while where your chest actually expands, and you can finally feel some coolness in your lungs. So many comparisons for that stupidly beautiful…

The Look of Loneliness

I put together an outfit and did a slightly editorial shoot to reflect what I see as the concept of loneliness. Several times in the past year, I found myself fatigued, both physically and mentally, seemingly for no reason at all. Curled up in bed all morning, eyes closed but mind awake, I was unable to move my body until…

Best Moments of 2020: Winter (Nov – Dec)

Did you know that every time I type 2020 on my phone, I accidentally type 2029? Idk what’s wrong with me sometimes… Part 5/5 🙂 Thanks again for sitting through all of this. I hope you enjoyed, and I once again wish you the most prosperous year ever in 2021 ❤

Best Moments of 2020: Summer (June – Aug)

Part 3 of 5 of my Best of 2020 photo essay. I’m pushing the limit below with how many photos I can include before my blog breaks… You can tell I love summer the most, lol. Enjoy, and thanks again for checking this out ❤