OOTD: School Edition (1)

As I’m sure you can tell, now that school’s started up again, I have absolutely no time to blog. Literally, my workload is insane and thus consumes every ounce of free time I assumed I was going to have — which is a total bummer, might I add.

So what I’ve decided to do is change around the way I’m running things until I think of how to properly balance my life.

You’re probably wondering what exactly that means. Basically, because I no longer have time to do my regular content, I’m going to be posting my outfits that I wear to school each day on here. The writing will be brief, the pictures will be amateur, and the publishing will be late. But at least it’s something.

Like I said, this is only temporary, so there’s no need to worry. Also, I’ll be spicing up the monotony of the OOTD with a longer, more normal post every two weeks (because I’m switching off with my other blog), so you’ll have more than just silly pictures taken at my leisure to look forward to.

So here’s the first installment. Please enjoy. 🙂

OOTD: School Edition (1)

ootd school 1 2 ootd school 1 6 ootd school 1 5 ootd school 1 4ootd school 1 1 A white blouse, casual blue shorts, and white espadrille sneakers featuring pink flamingos. And books. Lots of books. PS – An outfit like this is great if you enjoy feeling like a tennis player all day.

By the way, this outfit was from Monday of this week. I’m about two days behind right now. Sorry.

Well, see ya tomorrow with today’s outfit! (Which you should be super excited for; I took the pictures in the bathroom in between classes and everything.)

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