OOTD: School Edition (2)

I’ve survived yet another edition of my university’s newspaper. Huzzah!

To celebrate, here’s what I wore Tuesday of this week featuring a random public bathroom, as promised last time:

ootd school 2 6ootd school 2 5ootd school 2 1It’s just a simple, patterned peasant dress with a tie at the waist, paired with my most worn sandals. It’s a little bit boho, which seemed appropriate for a 90 degree day.

ootd school 2 3Makeup and hair were simple and natural, as always.

ootd school 2 9

ootd school 2 7ootd school 2 8And then I was off to class, with a smile on my face to try to make it through the day.

The smile didn’t last long, but I did make it through, as mentioned earlier. Now here’s to hoping I’ll make it through yet another — as well as my Spanish essay exam tomorrow. Ay…

Until then ❤

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