OOTD: School Edition (Too many to count…)

Well, it’s safe to say that I’ve been busy for the past two weeks!

Between papers, tests, readings, and work, I just haven’t had any time to get the pictures I’ve taken of my daily outfits onto here like I promised. This weekend, however, I really don’t have much to do, so I’ll hopefully be able to utilize this time in order to catch up on my blogging.

(Emphasis on the “hopefully.”)

Well, for now, here’s all of the outfits I photographed during the last two school weeks. I think there’s about six in total, so please enjoy.

OOTD: School Edition (5-11)

Tuesday of Last Week?

ootd 5 1 ootd 5 2 ootd 5 3
I was all about embodying the 1950s with a cute sweater until I walked outside and realized it was about 95 degrees.

Yeah, that sweater came off real fast…

ootd 5 5 ootd 5 4 ootd 5 6

The sweater went back on later, though, when I was trapped inside of a freezing newsroom all night.

And here’s my makeup for the day:

ootd 5 7

Super exciting, I know.

Thursday of Last Week?

ootd 6 1 ootd 6 2 ootd 6 3 ootd 6 4 ootd 6 5 ootd 6 9 ootd 6 10

If you can’t tell, I’m practically dying while waiting for it to become fall (and not just because I have a really bad cold).

The weather here is waaaaay too summer-like still, and it’s not okay. I just want to dress in browns and burgundies and wear ankle boots and sweaters, but no. I can’t. Because it’s still 90 degrees out even though it’s the middle of September.

That’s not normal, friends.

ootd 6 8

And that was just me being an idiot because I hate taking selfies yet need to show my makeup. Struggles…

Date Unknown:

Like I said, I was really, really busy these past two weeks, okay? Next time I’ll write down the days.

ootd 7 1 ootd 7 2 ootd 7 4 ootd 7 3

Actually, no. I do remember when this was: Monday of this week. Why? Because I lost the water bottle I have in hand that day.

May you rest in peace Iron Man. 😦

Here’s what the outfit looked like without the jacket:

ootd 7 5
ootd 7 7 ootd 7 8 ootd 7 6

Ah, and there’s that hideous face!


PS – Tuesday’s outfit was not worth photographing. Ugh…

ootd 8 2 ootd 8 3 ootd 8 4 ootd 8 5 ootd 8 6

Basically, I was tired and didn’t feel like trying. So I took a nice, fake-Korean sweatshirt and half-tucked it into a pair of high-waisted jeans. It was a gloriously comfortable day.


ootd 9 1 ootd 9 2 ootd 9 3 ootd 9 4 ootd 9 5 ootd 9 6

No, I’m not dancing, and no, I’m not biting my phone.

I wish I got a picture of the shoes I wore with this. They’re so 90s grunge, it’s glorious. But I was running late, so that didn’t happen. Oops. I’m such a let-down lately.

Friday (Today):

ootd 10 1 ootd 10 4 ootd 10 3 ootd 10 2

Featuring my dog’s face, of course.

Not gonna lie, I think this is the best one of the group.

I just love plaid and deep, saturated colors, so I guess that is why I love this. And it was actually cool enough out today for me to not swelter in it, so bonus points! (Isn’t it sad, though, when “cool enough” is 82??)

Fall will be here soon. Fall will be here soon…

And that is all for now, lovelies. I would promise you another post this weekend, but who knows how life will go? So instead I’ll just end it how I always do:

Until next time! ❤

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