The Greatest Shoes to Ever Exist

Long time no see, eh? [The story of my life lol]

As is always the case, April and its end of the semester glory ripped me a new one. With just two finals left to go, I finally have a spare moment to breathe and get a blog post out. So that’s what I’m gonna do.

I wrote this up about a week ago but never actually got the chance to edit and publish it. It has no real purpose, but I’m still gonna post it anyway. Why? Because I love me some shoes and will take any chace to talk about them I can get. So yeah. Let’s talk about some shoes.

The Greatest Shoes to Ever Exist

Valentino Bow Pumps


Even though I’ll never be able to afford a pair (journalist’s salary lol), I can still admire them from afar — or at least try them on every time I go into Nordstrom.

They’re just so elegant and classy and wonderful that if I owned a pair, I don’t think I’d ever take them off. Ever. For real. I’d be jogging in them puppies.

Okay, maybe not, but still. I’d wear them often. Very often.

Oxblood Brogues


I have a thing for oxfords and brogues, as you’re about to see. I don’t know what it is, but they just top every outfit off perfectly. [Shouts to my oxymoron.] And when they come in oxblood, one of my favorite colors, they’re just too good to pass up ❤

I know I said I would never take the Valentino bow pumps off, but if I could only own oxfords and brogues, I’d be just as happy.

Oxfords from Anthropologie

I don’t think I even need to comment here. Anthro knows what’s up with its shoes, and its oxfords are no exception.

Flatform Sandal


Alright. I know that flatforms aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they definitely are mine. And I will embrace them until the day it is unacceptable to embrace them anymore. And even then, I’ll probably still try to rock ’em from time to time, risking ridicule from my kids.

No shame. I will wear them and have absolutely no shame.

Printed Sneakers


Last but certainly not least ❤

Not only are they comfy, but if you get the right print (such as the Keds above), they will go with everything. And who doesn’t want a pair of shoes like that?

Okay, friends. I’m done for now. But be prepared for a spamming of BTS dressing posts in the coming weeks. Cause it’s about to get real.

Now time to go sit through a boring Asian history class.

Until next time ❤

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