Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like BTS’ “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2” [3]

Yes, X months later, and I’m still doing this.

I planned on having the second part of my Bangtan Style series over and done with, oh, I don’t know, in February? January? When did their last album even drop again?

But thanks to school being a b– bad, bad word to me this semester, that didn’t happen. So here I am, the beginning of May and another comeback quickly approaching, and I’ve still yet to finish telling you how to dress like BTS’ last concept. Good job, Leah. Way to keep on it.

With that being said, I’m going to try to wrap things up in this post. Hopefully I succeed.

Click here to view the last look in this series, or continue on to view this one.

Bangtan Style: “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2” [3]

The basis for outfit number one of this post was the following concept photos:

Each outfit above is the perfect mix of lighthearted whimsy and dark grunge, and it made me absolutely inspired. Not only is the combo rare, but it’s very hard to pull off. So of course I had to try it myself.

Here is what came forth:


To capture the whimsical mood, I chose a flowy dress with a flying bird pattern (shout out to you, Kookie). To capture the darkness, I kept the color scheme fairly plain and monochromatic: navy and cobalt paired with black and dark burgundy.

The boyfriend blazer was solely a homage to J-Hope, whose cobalt one above is so on point, I don’t even have words to describe it. Adding the same type of blazer to my recreation works because navy (the color of the dress) is a neutral and thus can be paired with any other color in the world, even other shades of blue. That’s also the reason why the burgundy boots work.

Speaking of which, the burgundy combat boots, high black socks, and black sheers were added to capture the grunge portion of the concept, which I think they do nicely. Try using knee- or thigh-high socks instead for an even edgier style.

However, as always, feel free to approach your version of the look in any way that pleaseth you.

Now for some detail-ish shots:

DSC_1714 (2)

PS, cuff your sleeves like I did to add some extra pizzazz — as well as to keep you from looking like an ’80s news anchor gone wrong.


 And there’s a close-up of the shoes for ya, scuffs and scrapes and all.

Now for the inspiration behind the second outfit:

It’s everything light and airy and pastel within this concept, something I absolutely love for spring. Now here’s my version:


It’s definitely an “inspired by”look rather than a direct recreation, but I still think it gets the theme off nicely. And besides, my goal here isn’t cosplay; it’s teaching people how to take their clothes and turn them into Bangtan-like fashion genius. Or at least attempted Bangtan-like fashion genius. So “inspired by” should suffice.

Or should I say… infired by??

Lol okay, I’ll stop.

Basically, just have some pastel blues or pinks or purples, some denim, and some sort of jacket, and you’ll be golden.

DSC_1640 (2)

Oh, and cuffs. If you really want to be like Bangtan, don’t forget the cuffs.

And, just in case you’re curious, here’s a closer look at the makeup:

Just keep it natural and pink-toned, and you’ll achieve the same exact look as them.

And that is all! I have no more for this part of this series, so I guess I’ll just repeat that you should totally check out the last post in it. Oh, and be prepared for the third part to come very, very soon. #YoungForever

Stay beautiful, my friends. Until next time ❤

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