Product Empties

Hello, my lovely, beautiful readers.

Today I wanted to talk to you about a few products I used up recently, mostly because I loved them so much that I wanted to recommend them all. So without further ado, here’s my recent product empties. I hope you’ll find this useful, for whatever reason.

Product Empties

DSC_0190 (2)

As you can see, I finally went through two Batiste dry shampoos (one full size and one travel size), a travel size Cover FX foundation primer, a travel size Dr. Jart BB Cream, and a full size Dior mascara.

DSC_0196 (2)

The first dry shampoo was Batiste’s original scent. I believe my sister actually received it in a beauty box of some sort, but she never uses dry shampoo. So I hijacked it. Sorry, Bekah, and thanks for not noticing. Love you ❤

Anyway, before trying this one, I hated Batiste dry shampoo. The only experience I had with it was a bottle I bought some time last year. I had gotten it for brown hair, so the actual dry shampoo came out with a brown tint that was supposed to make blending the product into your hair easier. But, to be honest, the only thing it did was make my hair even dirtier and greasier than before, which made me assume (stupidly) that all Batiste dry shampoo would do the same.

I know, I’m an idiot.

Well, after trying this one day in desperation before work (because I couldn’t find the dry shampoo that I was actually using at the time), I realized I was wrong, and ever since then, I’ve been hooked on Batiste. The original kind is really nice and leaves your hair both looking and feeling clean — unlike some dry shampoos that only do one or the other…or neither at all.

It’s not difficult to blend into your hair. To apply, I normally just bend over so that all of my hair is dangling down in front of my face, and then I separate the layers and spray it onto my scalp. After that, I use both hands and sort of massage it in with my fingers until everything feels clean and there are no gray patches left.

It’s about a three minute process, and it doesn’t leave my hair dry/full of product. It’s a really great, natural-looking fix for oiliness, and I highly recommend it for anyone in need of a good dry shampoo.

Oh, and another perk: The scent is as clean and classic as the bottle says. It smells like nothing but plain dry shampoo, in a very non-overwhelming way. So if you’re sensitive to smells or just hate being suffocated in your bathroom by aerosols (me), then this is also the product for you.

DSC_0203 (2)

The only difference between this one and the original is that it smells slightly like cherries as well as feels a bit more refreshing on the scalp.

To be honest, I like this one more than the original. They do the same things and work in the same way, but this one just generally feels a little better. So if you have no sensitivities to smell and enjoy cute packaging, I say go for this one over the original. You won’t be disappointed.

DSC_0201 (2)

This was the Cover FX Mattifying Foundation Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment, and let me tell you: It’s amazing.

Normally, I swear by Smashbox primers. (#Smashbox4Lyfe) But I got this in a beauty box, gave it a whirl, and I absolutely fell in love.

I think it lasted me about six months, because you only need a tiny, pea-sized dot each time you apply. I would put it on the tip of my left index finger then rub it onto the tips of all of my other fingers, applying it onto my face afterward in small, circular motions. It went on like a dream, very similarly to the Smashbox primers I’ve used in the past.

But unlike the Smashbox primers, as I applied, I could also physically feel the primer refreshing and mattifying my skin, which was really nice. The matte texture always ended up making my foundation absolutely flawless no matter which one I tried, so it really was a terrific primer.

As for the anti-acne treatment, I think it was pretty solid. I normally don’t have trouble with breakouts unless it’s getting close to my time of the month, but even then, I didn’t break out while using this. It really was a magical experience.

As soon as I’m out of the Smashbox primer I have now, I’m definitely purchasing this full-size.

Here’s a look at the product’s consistency for you:

DSC_0214 (2)

To clarify: No, it’s not running down my hand. It has a gel-like texture and does not run. The way it is on my hand is simply the way it came out of the tube.

Here’s a look at it blended:

DSC_0215 (2)

See how matte it is?? You can’t even tell it’s there. It’s wonderful — unless you like shiny skin, of course.

DSC_0199 (2)

^The greatest thing to have ever graced my face.

It’s Dr. Jart+ Disapore Beauty Balm, and it has SPF 30 as well as flawless coverage that promises to hide all of your pores — a promise that is actually true.

I am very picky about my foundations, BB creams, CC creams etc. Very picky. I’ve never been able to find one that meets all of my standards, but this one surprisingly does. And I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

It’s a bit on the thicker, creamier side, but it isn’t like a paste that you slather on your face. It is smooth and light and fluffy, and it perfects every little imperfection you think you have on your skin while also making it look like you’re not even wearing makeup at all. Now I know how all those Korean celebrities do it.

Anyway, this stuff is glorious, not getting oily or wearing off as you go through your day. A face of this stuff would stay perfect from the time I put it on at 6 am until I the time I got home from working at 1 am the next day.

Like I said: Glorious.

Some people who prefer a thinner formula, though, may not like this, even though this is by no means thick when you put it on. Here is a look at the consistency on my hand:

DSC_0216 (2)

DSC_0218 (2)

It’s honestly the best consistency I’ve ever felt for a skin product.

Now here’s a look at it blended out:

DSC_0220 (2)

The only reason I can tell I have makeup on my hand is because the vein and redness that were there before are now gone.

This BB cream is perfect, which should be expected from anything South Korean. Definitely buy it, no matter what.

DSC_0210 (2)

My last product empty is the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara, and it might be my new favorite, finally trumping L’Oréal’s Butterfly mascara that I love so dearly.

Now, I can’t really speak too much on how well this lengthens, because my eyelashes are naturally really freaking long. But because my lashes are sort of sparse and blonde, I can tell you that this volumizes and colorizes beautifully, giving me the thickest, darkest lashes I’ve ever had.

Its formula is a bit on the drier side, so it never clumped my lashes together, either, which is something wetter formulas make me struggle with. The product did, however, occasionally leave little clumps behind on my lashes, but they were barely noticeable and went away with a few more swipes.

Here’s what the mascara looked like on (via a selfie cause I never actually took a picture of my lashes wearing it. Oops):


Not bad, right?

I think a lot of the product’s amazingness is also due to its brush:

DSC_0223 (2)

It grips your lashes like none other.

And that is all! Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Until next time ❤

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