Bangtan Style: How to Do Your Makeup Like BTS’ “FIRE”

First of all, I would like to apologize for my absence. I went on vacation with my laptop and camera in tow, fully prepared to continue blogging as I was there. But then the wifi router at my rental house broke, and the repair guy never came…

Just my luck. No wonder that’s my favorite movie/one of my favorite songs.

Anyway, today I finally return with the makeup I did for all of my “FIRE” posts. I still have a couple of outfits left to photograph that keep getting delayed because of rain/my photographer[sister] being in New York City for an internship, but I promise they will get done and put up eventually. In the meantime, though, I have “Forever Young” to get out. And then “Save Me.” And then the concept photos for the album.

So much…

But anyway, enjoy the makeup from this series for now. Click here to see the last post and here to see the next (once it is up, of course).

Now let’s get started.

Bangtan Style: How to Do Your Makeup Like BTS’ “FIRE”

Here is the inspiration for the makeup that I did:


RIP Jin. And that blouse. Don’t think it’s iron safe.

Now here is the makeup that I did:



Neutral skin, pink lips, barely lined eyes: That’s exactly how the guys rolled for this MV, which is nice because it’s honestly very easy to do.

For the skin, I started with an oil-free primer followed by some color-correcting BB cream. (Which is technically a CC cream? Idk.) After my usual three concealer routine — peach-based pot, yellow-based cream, white brightening stick (#darkcircles) — I sprayed everything with a setting water, then set it with two different powders: one specifically for concealer followed by one for the rest of my face. After that, another spray of setting water and some light contouring/blush finished off the skin.

Then I moved on to the eyes. Take a closer look at them before I tell you what I did:



Really, I didn’t do much. Just some black liner on my water and tight lines followed by mascara, and voila! You’ve got the look.

Obviously, feel free to use more liner if you like, but I kept it simple since that’s what the boys did. Also, shouts to the mascara on my lower left eyelid. I’m a pro at makeup. Really.

Now here’s what it looked like from the sides:



And finally, the lips:


I chose a very light pink lip crayon and dabbed it onto my lips to add a slight, natural amount of color. After applying, I blotted it with my finger in order to make the color a little more matte. The boys have uncharacteristically matte lips in the video, so I wanted to also have some matte-ness in my look.

Tangent: I’m just glad their lips weren’t as matte as they were in N.O. Just one word for that: Chapstick.

Anyway, that is all. Once again, click here for the last post in the series, and click here for the next. Thank you so much for reading, as always.

Until next time ❤

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