Testing Some Basin and Lush Bath Bombs

Alrighty, time to talk about my first experience using bath bombs.

I have quite the collection of bath bombs at home thanks to gifts that various people have gotten me over the years. I’ve never really been able to use them, though, because I have well water in my house, which means that pumping out X amount of gallons in order to soak myself isn’t really feasible.

Going away this past week, though, I knew I was going to have both a bathtub and enough water to fill it with, so I brought my bath bombs along in hopes of finally getting to use them.

While I didn’t get through them all (for many reasons), I did get to try four: three from Basin and one from Lush. I don’t know if the Lush one is an actual bath bomb, but I’m still going to group it in this post, anyway. What follows is my opinion on all of the ones I was able to try. Please enjoy.

Testing Some Lush and Basin Bath Bombs

First up are the three from Basin:


Out of them, the one I used first was this little blue guy:


Now, you have to forgive me: I have no idea what he is called or what his scent is supposed to be because my mother brought him (as well as the other two) home to me in September as a little souvenir from her and my father’s trip to Disney. Looking on the website, he could be this one, Dreams, but there’s now way for me to know for sure. So apologies.

Anyway, here is what he did when I dropped him in the bath:



Kind of a no-brainer, but I felt the need to show this because the rest weren’t so cooperative…

He instantly fizzed, turning the water a beautiful shade of turquoise and giving the bathroom a lovely, florally, cottony, laundry-fresh smell. Like I said before, this guy was the very first bath bomb I had ever used, and he was glorious. Absolutely glorious. He set my standards infinitely high for the rest of the bath bombs to come, and if I’m ever at Basin myself (which I will be in August ^^), I’m totally getting him again.

Here’s a look at the pretty water.

Now on to the next one: my little peach guy.


Once again, I have no idea what this one is. (Could be Florida Sunshine.) It smelled exactly like the blue one, but based on the weird specks in it, I thought it was gonna have some sort of cool effect when I dropped it in the bath — or at least dye the water a spectacular shade of orange.



But no. Nothing. No color and barely even a fizz. After about 10 seconds, it was just a weird, bubbly hunk at the bottom of my tub that I had to fish out and break apart. It didn’t even fill the room with scent. I might as well have dropped a bottle of unopened hand soap in the tub to spice up my bath. Totally anticlimactic, especially after that blue one.


This green guy was my last hope for Basin (at least out of this set). I think he might be Lily of the Valley, but don’t get mad at me if I’m wrong.

He smelled, once again, exactly like the rest in the bag. I was so disappointed after my experience with little peachy that I just unceremoniously plopped him right into the tub, not really knowing what to expect. My hopes weren’t high, though.



And it’s a good thing they weren’t.

He fizzed the entire time he was dissolving, but he didn’t really smell like much. He also didn’t dye the water, which is what I was looking forward to most in all of these: being able to soak myself in beautifully colored water.

So once again, I was disappointed, and I spent my bath in a rather unenthused state.

Now for the Lush one:



I got this one last August in a set for my birthday, and I cannot remember for the life of me what it was called. I can’t even find it on the website, so sorry, guys. I really suck.

It’s a beautiful little bath thingy that definitely isn’t a bath bomb, but I’m also not sure if it’s a bubble bar. As the rose bud gives away, it is rose scented, and not in that fake, perfumed way, either. It’s a deep, my-face-is-in-the-rose-bush scent, and it is absolutely wonderful.

Here’s what happened when I put it in the bath:



Nothing. [As expected.]

I kind of let it sit there for a minute, then I decided I should probably try to break it up and see what happens:


Nothing much again. If it actually is a bubble bar, it didn’t do its job very well.

Despite that, though, it filled my bathroom with its lovely rose scent. It also made my skin and hair smell like roses for two days straight. Yes. Two whole days. That’s some darn good fragrance.

The little rose bud it left floating around in the tub was also pretty nice:


And afterward, I took it out and let it dry back up so I could put it in the bouquet of dried roses I have sitting on my desk at home. Not too shabby.

And that is all. Thank you for reading, as always.

Until next time ❤


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