Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Jimin in BTS’ “Young Forever”


Sorry, I have some OG Enrique Iglesias blasting right now. Can’t help but get a little lost in it. Also, excuse my missing accent mark. English keyboard problems.

Anyway, it’s time to move on to the next installment of my “Young Forever” series. Click here for the last one and here for the next (once it is up). Now please enjoy all that follows.

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Jimin in BTS’ “Young Forever”

Ah, Jimin. Everyone’s favorite little guy — other than Suga, of course.

Here’s the inspiration for my outfit:

Navy stripes on a crewneck t-shirt with a classy pair of perfectly tailored dress pants. I love every ounce of it. And I so wish there was a chain link fence by my house to shoot my photos with. But there isn’t. Sad day.

Now here’s my recreation:


I actually recycled the white and navy striped crewneck t-shirt I owned just before this music video came out, so I was kind of out of luck for this outfit. However, I did have the blouse that you see above, so, even though it’s, once again, not an exact match, it all worked out in the end anyway. Yay for lucky purchases.

In my opinion, the blouse I’m wearing is much more whimsical and dressy than a regular, old T-shirt, which I think helps capture the overall feel of the video’s concept rather than just Jimin’s specific outfit.

And like last time, instead of going for pants, I opted for some black dress shorts. Why? Cause, as I keep saying, it’s summer. Show them legs. But feel free to pair your version with pants if you do so wish.

Here are a few more looks at the whole outfit:

Now here’s what I especially love about it/what made me settle for using this blouse instead of going out and simply buying the necessary shirt: the bow in the back.


Not only does it add a feminine touch, but it also makes the whole thing very sailor-y and fresh in a kind of casual way only Jimin can pull off. So I don’t know. I just saw the back of the blouse and instantly thought, “Jimin.” So I picked it.

The sleeves also helped with my decision:


They’re super flowy and actually don’t connect to the body of the shirt. They’re something else that make me think of Jimin, probably because he’s worn super flowy sleeves like that in the past. But again, I don’t know. I just feel like they capture his personality and aura, especially the one he gives off in the video.

And, finally, the shoes:


Nothing new lol.

And that is all! Once again, click here for the last post in the series and here for the next one once it is up.

Thanks so much for reading! Until next time ❤


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