The Greatest Pants Alive

Yes, I know. They’re not alive. But you get what I was trying to do.

Anyway, I bought the following pants at work yesterday after seeing them on the fitting room rack during my shift on Sunday.


At first, I thought they were just another maxi skirt. But then I saw the tag on the inside and realized they were a trend my store doesn’t carry, which meant they were probably extra special (despite someone having returned them). So, as per usual, I started thoroughly inspecting them to see what was up.

DSC_1368 (2)

And that’s when I discovered they were pants ❤


So of course I had to have them. 🙂

They are a size 12, but the elastic waist band is so strong that they stay on me regardless. (I’m assuming that’s the whole reason why they were returned.)


But anyway, they’re fabulous, and I can’t wait to actually wear them (once the wrinkles fall out, lol). I was going to link them here for you to buy, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere on H&M’s website. Sorry, folks.

DSC_1364 (3)

And that’s all for now. Thanks so much for reading!

Until next time ❤ (When I’ll be in Disney ❤ )

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