Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Jimin in BTS’ ‘Young Forever’ Concept Photos


I went to Disney, started school, and broke my thumb. Things have been very busy in my life lately, hence why I haven’t been posting very often. Apologies, as always.

Anyway, let’s continue this Bangtan Style series, cause it’s currently the only thing I have photographed.

To see the last post I did in it, click here. To see the next one once it is up, click here. Now please enjoy the rest of my post 🙂

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Jimin in BTS’ ‘Young Forever’ Concept Photos

A’ight, here is the inspiration behind my outfit:

Wow, those photos got really distorted. Thanks, WordPress.

Anyway, I absolutely despise this look. To my core, 100 percent, this is the worst thing anyone has ever put on. I don’t care if it’s Gucci. Just cause it’s designer, it doesn’t mean it’s cute.

But I can’t discriminate, right? I mean, if the stylist liked the outfit enough to put it on Jimin, then other people out there probably like it, too.

So here is how to recreate it, even despite my feelings. (Warning: Drastic changes were made.)




I ixnayed the beret and kept the denim, red, and white by swapping out the ’90s tie jacket and weird shorts for an oversized shirt and circle skirt.




This created what I feel is a much more attractive, wearable outfit that’s perfect for going anywhere during the current transition from summer to fall.




And it’s comfy. Not saying that the one Jimin has on isn’t, cause I don’t know about that. But this outfit? Comfort gold.


And that is all!

Wow, I can’t believe I actually had time to do a blog post today. The world must be ending or something.

Anyway, thanks so much for reading! Click here for the last post in this series and here for the next.

Toodles ❤


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