The Perfect Foundation??

estee lauder foundation

About two weeks ago, I ran out of the BB cream that I’ve been using for two and a half years now. It’s Dr. Jart, and it’s pretty amazing. But it’s a thick, cream formula that I’ve sort of just gotten bored with, so I haven’t repurchased it since I ran out.

Instead, I am currently making the biggest beauty mistake of my life and using some weird, old organic foundation that my grandmother gave me the other week (that makes my chin break out) until I actually find the time to get to Sephora and make my next foundation purchase.

I’m lazy and it’s been finals week for about three weeks now. I can’t help it.

But a huge problem I was having at the beginning of this foundation hell I’m currently experiencing was that I had literally no clue which product to try out next. I’m super picky with foundation and have found approximately three that I like since the beginning of time. (And I can’t even tell you what those three are since two of them haven’t been used on my face since the end of high school.)

So I was doing research and reading reviews, but nothing was striking my fancy. All the products looked too runny, too dark (I’m incredibly fair), too oily, too matte, or too drying, and I was simply stumped about which could possibly be the next one for me. I was fully anticipating spending three hours straight swatching products and hating them all the next time I ventured out to the store, and it made me scream out to the heavens in agony.

But I think the foundation fairies in the sky heard me, because the next day, they  dropped this little goodie in my inbox: The Best Foundation.

The best foundation, you say??

Obviously, I clicked.

The article is from, a site dedicated to testing out products and finding the best of the best in order to help consumers with their various purchasing predicaments, and let me tell you: This article was the biggest help I could have ever asked for.

In it, after sifting through and testing hundreds of foundations on the market, the team at determined that there are two best foundations out there, MAC Studio Face and Body for sheer to medium coverage and Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup for medium to full coverage.

I’ll let you all read the article for specific details about the products and the testing (cause there’s lots of ’em), but after doing so myself, I’ve decided to try out the Estee Lauder one as my next foundation of choice. It’s literally exactly what I’ve been looking for: a thin formula that’s buildable, applies well, and won’t irritate my sensitive skin. I’m so excited to go get it.

Oh, but the other cool thing about the article is that it still tells you some of the other products they tried that were good but didn’t make the top two. So if, for some reason, you hate the ones they recommend, you still have other options to check out.

So if you’re looking for a new foundation, give this a read! Literally, it saved my makeup life, and I really look forward to using again in the future for other purchases!

And that is all. I will update you guys with how I like the foundation once I actually get the chance to purchase it. But until then, wish me luck on my last two finals, cause they be killers.


Until next time ❤

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