Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Suga in BTS “Spring Day”


Hi! It’s been a long time, eh? Many apologies for that. School and all. You get it.

Little life update for you, though: School is finally coming to a close for the semester, I’m about to have so much free time to blog, and I am officially spending my summer traveling the southern half of the Korean peninsula.


I’m pumped.

But let’s get back on track! Today marks the start of my next Bangtan Style series. It’s gonna contain approximately 50,000 outfits, so get ready. I’m gonna do them fairly back-to-back, though, so hopefully you won’t have to spend too much time waiting to see all the ways you can recreate BTS’ style without going absolutely broke.

So without further ado, here’s the “Spring Day” MV in case you haven’t seen it yet:

(Which is now one of my all-time favorites btw ❤ )

And here’s the actual post!

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Suga in BTS “Spring Day”

My outfit in this post is based upon the following pictures:

And, yes, I included the J-Hope pink varsity jacket because you could also technically use this look to recreate that if you’re feeling extra lazy.

But anyway, here is my version:


As you can see, the only main difference from Suga’s outfit is that I opted for a T-shirt instead of a sweater.






I chose the T-shirt because it’s spring/about to be summer, so why waste my time in a fuzzy pink sweater? It’s smarter to avoid hyperthermia if possible.






As for the specific clothes I’m wearing: My top and jeans are from H&M, and my shoes are from either Zara or ASOS. I can’t remember. If you go to buy the shirt, though, it’s from the men’s section, so don’t waste your time looking through ladies.




The styling for this outfit is really, really, really easy. Just throw on a solid-colored, bright pink shirt with some lighter wash jeans and sneakers, and you’ll have it mastered. The little details like tucking in your shirt or cuffing your jeans are all personal choices, but honestly, the plainer you go, the more accurate it will be to the original.



For my shoes, I made a conscious choice to pair red with pink. I think I did it because the tennis shoes Suga was wearing were also red, but I can’t 100 percent remember. So don’t quote me on that. But I’ve always been a huge fan of red and pink, and the last time I wore these tennis shoes before this post was actually to a BTS concert. So I simply couldn’t resist the urge to use them.


And that is all!

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to see more, check out the last Bangtan Style post I did here. To see the next one for “Spring Day,” you can click here (once it is up).

Until next time ❤

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