My Latest Interview

Hi, everyone! I had an interview yesterday, and here is what I wore:

Excuse the bad lighting/pose.

The attire was business professional, in case any of you are looking for inspiration for a business professional interview of your own.

Ps, a tip for those business professional interviews: No, you DO NOT have to dress in a black pencil shirt and white button down even when the interview is business professional. The only standard criteria for that dress code is a blazer of some sort and business dress clothes. You can get as creative and fashionable as you want with what you wear specifically, though. Just don’t be too over the top, too trendy, or too crazy. But definitely show your personality and try to stand out.

Anyway, here is my makeup from yesterday:

(Along with some nice fingerprints on my vanity top, lol oops.)

I did a full face, including eye shadow and eyeliner and lipstick, but I kept it neutral in order to fit the business professional theme. While you can have a little fun with your clothes, you definitely don’t wanna do that with your makeup, as wearing lots (especially if it’s crazy and colorful) is seldom considered professional.

And that is all for this post! To be honest, I wanted to make it a sort of advice thing about what to do for every part of an interview, since I’ve had so many lately. But as I was writing it, I decided I wasn’t qualified enough for that. So I stopped and deleted it all, and this is what you’re getting instead. I hope you enjoyed it at least a little, haha.

Thanks for reading! Until next time! ❤

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