Laced-Up Layers

Hi, all 😀

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that I love layering more than anything else in the world, cause I’m always super cold (especially indoors).

Because of my love for layers, I end up putting together some interesting outfits at times. My recent case of this was on Thanksgiving:

I took a short sleeve, corduroy dress that laces up the front and simply wore it overtop a black turtleneck shirt (not a sweater, sweaters are too thick for this look).

I never tried layering anything that laces up the front before, and I was very pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.

So good news: In case you didn’t already know, you can keep using your lace-up shirts even in the winter thanks to layering. You’re welcome.

And that is all! Thanks so much for reading 😀 And let me know what you think about this look in the comments!

Until next time ❤

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