Bangtan Style: Dressing as “Dope” as BTS in “Jjeoreo” (Jimin Edition)

A.K.A. Office attire with a twist.

Note: No bowl cuts, center parts, hair dye, or mad dance moves required.

[Editor’s Note: So, I already did this post last week, but due to its length, I’ve decided to pull it, chop it into tiny pieces, and then re-release it in segments, focusing on one group member per post. And since I think I’m going to release one a day (and there are seven members in total), consider this to officially be Bangtan Week on I Really Hate Converse! Yippee!

I mean, not that it isn’t always Bangtan Week on here, anyway, but still: You get what I mean.

So sorry if you’ve already seen this. Now, however, you’ll be able to more easily manage the content. Yippee, again!]

Nothing in this series has changed: “Jjeoreo” is still awesome, Bangtan is still awesome, and I still have a want to try to recreate said awesomeness with fashion for my own (as well as everyone else’s) personal fun. So let’s move onto the third installment of Bangtan “Dope” style with our dear Jimin — as well as the rest of the video’s office clerks.

First, though, if you missed the previous edition (Jungkook), click here to view it. And if you’re feeling daring (or simply hate Jimin), then click here to see the next one instead (once it’s up, of course).

And right below this sentence is where you can watch the music video I am referring to:

Now we can begin.

Look Book: How to Quit Your Day Job Like Jimin in the “Jjeoreo” MV

Time to get the disclaimers out of the way…

First of all, I once again have two outfits for you here, like in the Rap Monster post. One is for Jimin and one if for the whole group. Both are relatively similar, though; they just give off a different vibe.

Secondly, no, the outfits I’ve created below are not identical to the ones Jimin et al wear in the MV. As disappointed as you may be, though, just take my word that these recreations live up to the office-y standards the boys set in their video. (At least I hope so!)

Alright, here we go!

group office2 group office5

Okay, so I lied: I have two more things to say before we officially begin. Sorry. I can’t help myself.

One: How on earth do I get a job in that office? (Also: Are you okay, Hoseok?)

Two: One thing I noticed in my screen-shotting endeavors is that Jimin in this video looks pretty much like what I will in about three years when I’m officially a journalist: stressed, depressed, and nearly under arrest (for destroying my office in a fit of frustrated rage, that is).


Another article??”


“…You know what?”




“Cause I’m outtie.”

No but really, that’s totally gonna be me one day.

Okay, so now we can legit begin. Here’s the first look, which is the group one:

group office6

(Just ignore Namjoon’s face.)

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 197 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 196

P.S. – This is also an outfit for the Jimin we see during the first few seconds of the video — you know, the one quietly and obediently (but with a disgusted look on his face) doing his work.

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 214

Instead of the classic work look that so many people can already pull off, I wanted to go for a bit more of a daring office outfit.

The pencil skirt and white button-down combo is pretty overdone, at least in my opinion, so why not make it fresh by playing around with layering, colors, textures, and patterns? I mean, when we can’t be as naturally fantastic as Bangtan and thus easily rock anything we wear, why not add some wow-factor through styling?

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 200 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 210

I chose to layer two sleeveless blouses (instead of regular, sleeved ones) for two reasons. One, it’s summer, so when I have the opportunity to not sweat, I’m going to take it. Two, sleeveless blouses are kind of unexpected, so it really adds some impact to this outfit. And when you’re basing your look off of BTS, you certainly need some impact!

I chose to layer a black patterned shirt underneath the white one in order to replicate the neck ties that the boys wear. You can certainly add a tie to the look if you want, though; it would still look totally cool, especially if you tucked the bottom of it into your skirt. I just don’t have any ties, though, so I opted for this.

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 201

Tuck your shirts into the skirt for the streamlined, pulled-together feel that the boys have in this scene of the MV.

Now, don’t be afraid to choose a kind of busy skirt, like this one, for your bottom half. Even though black-and-white tweed with zippers on the [fake 😦 ] pockets, it will still work with any layered tops, no matter what patterns you have lurking up there. Just keep everything in the same color family, and it will all look great.

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 195 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 205 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 203

Taking the classic, black loafer to the next level with a heel? Okay! (Because plain, black, flat shoes all the time is bo-ring!)

And now it’s time to get undressed 😉

First, however, we have to go over the jewelry, for Jimin is pimped out in this video.



Like I said: PIMPIN’

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 234Now, it’s a classy sort of pimping, but it’s still pretty flashy. The easiest way to recreate it is to stack on your right hand a bunch of pretty rings varying in band thickness.BTS JJeoleo Look Book 226

But why only on your right hand, Leah?

Well, because Jimin is married in this video, that’s why!


Which means that we have to save room on our left hand for our wedding ring! Duh!

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 236 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 241

Awww!!! ❤ ❤

(PS – No, that’s not a real wedding band.)

As for hair:

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 197 2

I did a half-up, half-down style. Basically, just take half of the hair on each side of your head and pull it back into a ponytail. Either secure it in place with a clip or a hair tie, and you’re done.

I don’t know, half-up, half-down just felt office right.

Now here’s outfit number two, which is in commemoration of the moment our dear Chim-Chim loses his jams (A.K.A. goes cray and starts getting undressed):

jimin13 jimin16

*I think I may have just killed a few fangirls with those screenshots…

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 242 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 243 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 244

It’s the same outfit, just with the shirts un-tucked and the hair let down. I also added my glasses for this one, for with the unpolished polish, they for once didn’t make me look like the super nerd that I am. With that last outfit, however, they did… And it wasn’t good!

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 268 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 272

I actually prefer this look to the other, prim-and-proper one. However, I do recommend actually wearing shoes if you’re going to try it. To me, flats of some sort would be ideal.


And we’re done!

So what do you think? Does this capture well Jimin and his peers as they let loose in the office? I hope so, and I also hope you liked these recreations so much that you’re going to try them for yourselves!

I had tons of fun making this, and I thank you much for taking the time to give this a look.

Once again, click here for the next segment of style recreations for this music video (once it is up) and here for the previous.

And that is all! Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you soon! ❤

P.S. – I’ve not included the brands of/links to any of what I’m wearing in this for one purpose: to keep me sane. Sorry if I’m breaking any hearts here, but all of these garments are long out of stores (most by a few years), and so it simply isn’t worth my time. If you really want to know where something is from, however, just let me know, and I’ll tell you (as well as try to help you find something similar).

P.P.S. — Bangtan hwaiting!

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