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September… A soft, cool breeze after an endless, stifling, sweaty summer… The first calming normalcy after exhilarating, anxious, chaotic hubbub that just blurs together and flashes by… September… Lurking behind August, it’s the first gasp in a while where your chest actually expands, and you can finally feel some coolness in your lungs. So many comparisons for that stupidly beautiful…

Best Moments of 2020: Winter (Nov – Dec)

Did you know that every time I type 2020 on my phone, I accidentally type 2029? Idk what’s wrong with me sometimes… Part 5/5 🙂 Thanks again for sitting through all of this. I hope you enjoyed, and I once again wish you the most prosperous year ever in 2021 ❤

Best Moments of 2020: Summer (June – Aug)

Part 3 of 5 of my Best of 2020 photo essay. I’m pushing the limit below with how many photos I can include before my blog breaks… You can tell I love summer the most, lol. Enjoy, and thanks again for checking this out ❤

Best Moments of 2020: Winter (Jan – March)

2020 sucked, and I have many profane things to say about it. Characterized by cancelled flights, home sickness, existential crises, pointless arguments, excruciating working hours, immigration purgatory, failed DIY-ing, mirror selfies, and — most obviously — the pandemic, social injustice, natural disasters, and death in general, last year was a knockout blow to the stomach, followed by a kick in…

The Bees and the Trees

I know those are all pretty much the same picture, but I honestly couldn’t weed any out. Nature is just so beautiful. I swear, every time I step outside, I take at least a few pictures of my surroundings, whether I’m in the middle of the woods, standing barefoot on a beach, or walking down the sidewalk of a city.…