OOTD: Pajamas at Work


Seriously, if your work doesn’t have a strict, traditional dress code, you can wear pajamas on the job — and still look good while doing so.

ootd comfy work 4 5 16

The trick to making pajamas wearable in public is simply to pick PJs that look as if they’re actual clothing and pair them with comfy yet stylish, well, actual clothing.

On me, the shorts I’m wearing are the PJs. They don’t look like it, however, due to the details all over them, especially at the hem (last picture above).

And when paired with equally comfortable clothing — a soft, cotton, sleeveless button-down and huge, comfy granny sweater — they suddenly become work appropriate (again, if your work isn’t strict and traditional garb-wise).

Tip: Another way to help pull off the “pajamas as clothes” trend is to keep your color scheme very neutral, sticking with navy, black, brown, blue, white, beige, etc. between garments. If you want to add color, though, just try to keep to one pop of one color in one of the garments only; too much will definitely bring forth a more I’m-twelve-at-a-sleepover vibe than I’m-classy-yet-still-comfy-at-work one. Also, don’t wear anything too satiny, clingy, etc. Again, it will do nothing more than make you look like you’re actually wearing paamas, which isn’t the goal; with this trend, it’s all about only feeling so.

Here’s one last look:



It’s a totally socially acceptable public PJ party, and to that I say: Sign me up!!

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