Bangtan Style: Dressing as “Dope” as BTS in “Jjeoreo” (J-Hope Edition)

A.K.A. Office attire with a twist.

Note: No bowl cuts, center parts, hair dye, or mad dance moves required.

[Editor’s Note: So, I already did this post two weeks ago, but due to its length, I’ve decided to pull it, chop it into tiny pieces, and then re-release it in segments, focusing on one group member per post. And since I think I’m going to release one a day (and there are seven members in total), consider this to officially be Bangtan Week on I Really Hate Converse! Yippee!

I mean, not that it isn’t always Bangtan Week on here, anyway, but you get what I mean.

So sorry if you’ve already seen this. Now, however, you’ll be able to more easily manage the content. Yippee, again!]

Okay, so I apologize for the three day hiatus of this series, but with the holiday and work and other prior commitments, I just had to set this aside for awhile. But now it’s back, so all is well in the world once again.

We’re picking up the series with our light, our hope: Jung Hoseok. And I’m super excited about this one, for, as you probably already know, it allowed me to recreate a racing suit. Which was totally cool, not gonna lie.

Very quickly, though, before we get started, here is where you can check out the last edition of this series, and here is where you can check out the next (once it is up, of course).

Also, if you’ve yet to see the music video I’m referring to, watch it here:

Okay, let’s begin!

Look Book: Dressing Like Speed Racer J-Hope

Time for the disclaimer *rolls eyes and questions why she even decided to put this in each one*: No, the outfit I’ve created below is not identical to the one J-Hope wears in the MV. Now, as disappointed as you may be, just take a moment to think: Do you really want to walk around dressed in a fireproof racing suit, or something of the like? Because my dad used to have one, and he made me try it on once, and I can tell you right now that you do not. Unless you want an aching back and sweaty everything, of course. So you should be happy with a simple, feminine recreation. Very, very happy.

But even though just a recreation, it should still make you feel pretty sexy and bad@$$. Okay, so even though Bangtan may not be the best style inspiration out there 100% of the time, they still do have many moments when their stylists completely nail it, making the boys all look pretty darn fine. And “Dope,” even though kind of just an occupation-themed Halloween party (rightfully so), was certainly no exception. Certainly not. And I promise that you’ll look just as fly as them, simply in a more socially acceptable form 🙂

Let’s start for real now:


hope1 hope3 hope6

So, as much as we’d all love to be able to walk around in public as if we just finished up at Daytona Speedway, we unfortunately can’t. But if you want to channel that same aurora (especially J-Hope’s), then simply choose a more wearable alternative: black and burgundy.

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 042 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 040

Sleek, conrtasting, kind of bad <- What you should aim for.

Basically, to dress like Hoseok in this video, just take the Jungkook outfit and swap out your accessories from there for those that are burgundy. Also, settle for more subdued shoes that you could definitely drive in. Because you are a race car driver, after all.

Since I had no black sneakers on hand (like J-Hope wears in the video), I opted for these flats.

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 043 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 050

There’s really not much to say here other than that you should wear all black with pops of burgundy and gold (like he has in the video). And I’m pretty sure I’ve already said that twice now, so…

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 046 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 047

Again, here’s the flats! I really like the femininity that the bows add to the otherwise hardcore outfit.

But, Leah, this outfit isn’t hardcore at all!

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 054 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 057 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 052

Just look at it! It’s so…girly! It just…really doesn’t look like his at all…


BTS JJeoleo Look Book 061 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 065 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 064

That’s right: HARDCORE.

No, but really, just add any kind of leather jacket on top of your black top and bottoms and burgundy/red accessories (even if it isn’t also burgundy or red), and you will instantly look like the bad@$$, dancer/race car driver that is Jung Hoseok.

(P.S. – Thanks to my sister for kindly letting me use her jacket in this.)


And we’re done!

Thanks so much for checking this out. I really hope you liked it! Click here for the next segment of style recreations for this music video (once it is up, of course). And here’s the link, once again, to the previous.

That is all! Have a wonderful day, and see you soon! ❤

P.S. – I’ve not included the brands of/links to any of what I’m wearing in this for one purpose: to keep me sane. Sorry if I’m breaking any hearts here, but all of these garments are long out of stores (most by a few years), and so it simply isn’t worth my time. If you really want to know where something is from, however, just let me know, and I’ll tell you (as well as try to help you find something similar).

P.P.S. — Bangtan hwaiting!

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