Bangtan Style: Dressing as “Dope” as BTS in “Jjeoreo” (Suga Edition)

A.K.A. Office attire with a twist.

Note: No bowl cuts, center parts, hair dye, or mad dance moves required.

[Editor’s Note: So, I already did this post two weeks ago, but due to its length, I’ve decided to pull it, chop it into tiny pieces, and then re-release it in segments, focusing on one group member per post. And since I think I’m going to release one a day (and there are seven members in total), consider this to officially be Bangtan Week on I Really Hate Converse! Yippee!

I mean, not that it isn’t always Bangtan Week on here, anyway, but you get what I mean.

So sorry if you’ve already seen this. Now, however, you’ll be able to more easily manage the content. Yippee, again!]

It’s really hard for me to determine who my favorite rapper in the group is (why must you all be so good???). But, I must say, in this video, it is Suga, and it is because he is dressed as a naval officer.

What can I say, I’ve always had a strange love of the service.

And so, this was a very fun outfit for me to make (I got to bust out my naval-inspired coat). Now let’s actually see it.

But first, if you’re new to this series, watch the music video that I’m referring to here:

You can also click here to see the previous installment, and here to see the next (once it is up of course).

Now let’s begin!

Look Book: Making Minnie Mins Out of You

Yes, that was a reference to Mulan…

Disclaimer: No, the outfit I’ve created below is not identical to the one Suga wears in the MV; rather, it’s a simple, feminine recreation. Don’t be sad, though, or disappointed, for if it wasn’t, you’d be arrested and charged with a federal offense for impersonating a naval officer the second you stepped outside. So you should be happy. No jail time for you!

But even though just a recreation, it should still make you feel pretty sexy and bad@$$. Why? Because even though Bangtan may not be the best style inspiration out there 100% of the time, they still do have many moments when their stylists completely nail it, making the boys all look pretty darn fine. And “Dope,” even though kind of just an occupation-themed Halloween party (rightfully so), was certainly no exception. Certainly not.

And I promise that with the outfit I’ve provided, you’ll look just as fly as them — simply in a more socially acceptable form 🙂

A’ight, let’s do this:



It’s very fitting that Suga is rapping while surrounded by UFOs. Seriously, Bangtan, I really do love your symbolism and humor. You so, so, so very funny, you XD

But this next outfit we’re about to see is no joke:


BTS JJeoleo Look Book 410 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 413 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 458

White underneath navy blue is the easiest way to embody anything naval-related — except oranges. And bellybuttons.

And because navies (plural of navy?) are typically classy organizations, I chose to use a dress to fulfill the “white” part rather than pants. Not that there’s anything wrong with pants; I was just feeling this dress.


BTS JJeoleo Look Book 417

The jacket is what sells the look. (Oh, how I love it so!) However, there’s no need to go out and buy military-inspired clothing if you do not already own it; any navy-colored jacket or sweater on top of white will be tribute enough just as long as you make sure to add some gold accessories.

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 421

Because of the many buttons on the front of my jacket, I only chose only one gold accessory: my shoes.

I mean, I have to make up for my lack of medals on my jacket somewhere, right?



^While wearing this, don’t forget to be just as fierce and sassy as Yoongi himself.

Also, feel free to unbutton the jacket, if you like.

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 466 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 451

Yes, definitely feel free to unbutton your jacket. And also, it wouldn’t hurt to add a necktie, if you’re really feeling daring.


And we’re done!

Thanks so much for checking this out. I really hope you liked it! Click here for the next segment of style recreations for “Dope” (once it is up, of course), and here, once again, for the previous one.

That is all! Have a wonderful day, and see you soon! ❤

P.S. – I’ve not included the brands of/links to any of what I’m wearing in this for one purpose: to keep me sane. Sorry if I’m breaking any hearts here, but all of these garments are long out of stores (most by a few years), and so it simply isn’t worth my time. If you really want to know where something is from, however, just let me know, and I’ll tell you (as well as try to help you find something similar).

P.P.S. — Bangtan hwaiting!

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