Bangtan Style: Dressing as “Dope” as BTS in “Jjeoreo” (Jin Edition)

A.K.A. Office attire with a twist.

Note: No bowl cuts, center parts, hair dye, or mad dance moves required.

[Editor’s Note: So, I already did this post last week, but due to its length, I’ve decided to pull it, chop it into tiny pieces, and then re-release it in segments, focusing on one group member per post. And since I think I’m going to release one a day (and there are seven members in total), consider this to officially be Bangtan Week on I Really Hate Converse! Yippee!

I mean, not that it isn’t always Bangtan Week on here, anyway, but you get what I mean.

So sorry if you’ve already seen this. Now, however, you’ll be able to more easily manage the content. Yippee, again!]

So this is it: the last outfit post of this series. The only thing left after today is posting the makeup. And then it’s back to normal content! Hallelujah!

I’m just kidding (kind of). I loved making this series, and I’m really very sad that it’s coming to an end. BUT that won’t last long, for we can always count on Bangtan to always be releasing more content. So I have a feeling that more stuff like this will be coming in the very near future.

Let’s finish this off with Jin, though, and then we can let the nostalgia fully set in.

First, however, if you’ve yet to see the music video I’m referring to, watch it below:

Also, click here to see the last post in the series, and here to see the next (the makeup), once it is up, of course.

Look Book: Becoming Dr. Kim

Disclaimer before we get started: No, the outfit I’ve created below is not identical to the one Jin wears in the MV. But if you’ve kept up with this series (or know anything about what look books are), then you know that already. If you either haven’t/don’t, though, just think for a moment on why dressing up as a doctor in public (not on Halloween) would be bad.


I promise you’ll look just as awesome as, Jin, though. Promise 🙂

So let’s get to it:

jin13 jin2

Just saying, if you watch Jin’s part frame-by-frame (as I did for screenshot purposes), then you’ll see that it’s actually a little  bit creepy due to the dramatic faces he pulls:


“Oh, you don’t know what the operation consists of?”


“Well, it’s just some basic incisions”


“On your chest area,”


“More specifically your heart. I’M GOING TO CUT OPEN YOUR HEART”


“And fill it with love!”


Watch it frame-by-frame and see more clearly what I mean.

Bottom line, though: Would I trust him as my doctor? No, not when he uses his stethoscope like that. However, I would totally trust him to dress me like a doctor. Oh yeah, I could handle that.

jin14 jin15

^Open Heart Surgery: The Musical

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 171 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 180

It’s another twist on classic office (er, E.R.?) attire. Instead of dress pants, I opted for black denim. Instead of a tucked-in button-down, I chose to leave mine tucked…out? Un-tucked, that’s the word! And to replace the doctor’s overcoat, I chose a long sweater in the same color palette. Mine is off-white, which I did on purpose so as to make the look a little more comforting and a little less sterile.

Side Note: I don’t know why, but with this look, I kind of feel like someone who would work in J-Crew’s corporate offices.

Like I said, I don’t really know. Tangent over.

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 182 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 181

The hair is the same as in Jimin’s look: half-up, half-down.

One thing I’m sure you’re noticing is that there’s no jewelry here. That’s, firstly, because Jin only has one earring in, which I am not doing. Secondly, I just can’t ruin a look like this with jewelry. Call me a freak, but 99.9% of the time, I 100% believe that jewelry does nothing more than spoil everything amazing about the clothes you’re wearing. And so I choose to wear none, which I have done here.

(I mean, you know it’s bad when during your recreating of looks from a boy band, you wear more jewelry at one time than you’ve worn in years.)

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 183 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 184

^That was me trying to be crazy/cute like Jin. As you can see, though, it didn’t work, thanks to a very large camera in front of my face.

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 161

I really like this sweater here for another reason: The hemline doesn’t make you look like a dowdy librarian. Or chilly doctor. It’s fresh, different, and modern yet simple, comfortable, and casually professional. It’s really just perfect for this look.

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 160

And the shoes, of course, are plain and black. And have bows. Again. Cause why not?

And, as you’re about to see (thanks to my sister), despite it all not really looking like a doctor’s outfit, you still look professional and doctor-y while wearing it:

BTS JJeoleo Look Book 077 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 141 BTS JJeoleo Look Book 147

If you came up to me looking like that, I’d definitely assume you were smart regarding medicine and stuff.

I mean, am I not totally giving off that vibe in my office-like setting? I totally am. So you totally would, too.


And if you told me that you weren’t, in fact, in the medical know, that’s when I’d assume you work for J-Crew.


And we’re done!

Thanks so much for checking this out. As I said at the start, I really did enjoy making it, and I am actually going to kind of miss this whole big shenanigan. Kind of.

Well, I really hope you liked it all as much as I did! Once again, click here for the next segment (makeup for “Dope”) — once it is up, of course — and here, once again, for the previous outfit post.

And that is all! Have a wonderful day, and see you soon!

P.S. – I’ve not included the brands of/links to any of what I’m wearing in this for one purpose: to keep me sane. Sorry if I’m breaking any hearts here, but all of these garments are long out of stores (most by a few years), and so it simply isn’t worth my time. If you really want to know where something is from, however, just let me know, and I’ll tell you (as well as try to help you find something similar).

P.P.S. — Bangtan hwaiting!

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