OOTD: School Edition (3 & 4)

I’m killing two birds with one stone this morning!

Please enjoy what I wore to school this past Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t realize until approximately 2.1 seconds ago that I never took pictures of my outfit on Friday, so the week is going to end a day sooner than it really should. Oops. Sorry, guys! (Not gonna lie, though, it wasn’t that great, so you’re not missing much.)

The good news, however, is that a larger post will be coming later this evening/tonight, so be on the lookout!

Now for some average photography featuring yours truly.

ootd school 3 3

For some reason, even though it was 90 degrees outside on Wednesday, I was still really freaking cold. (Hah! Who am I kidding? It’s because I’m actually a grandma.) So instead of wearing just the sleeveless, seersucker dress that I wanted to, I took an old t-shirt and tied it over top as well.

ootd school 3 1 ootd school 3 2 ootd school 3 6

The pairing ended up giving off a really nice French vibe that made me feel ridiculously classy all day long. It was great.

ootd school 3 4

And because I was running late that morning, I just threw on my go-to shoes. (This is why every person should own at least one set of footwear in a nice, neutral brown; they go with everything and thus save you lots of precious commute time.)

Oh, and do you see all those bug bites on my feet? Yeah. That’s why this grandma prefers to stay in bed.

No more outdoor parties for Leah. Unless she’s the one hosting, of course.

ootd school 3 7But, yeah. That was Wednesday. (PS – No, there’s nothing wrong with my hand on top of my birthmark. That’s just left-over ink from a reminder to myself.)


ootd 4 4

Two words for you: ’90s Grunge.

Kind of.

ootd 4 8 ootd 4 7 ootd 4 6 ootd 4 5

I’m honestly not too sure what I was going for here. I just knew I wanted to wear a maxi dress, and then I decided to tie a sweater over top of it — like always. I always chose to keep it monochrome like always.

I really need to learn how to spice things up…

ootd 4 2 ootd 4 1

And those were my shoes, some black flatform sandals THAT I FREAKING LOVE.

Seriously, I want to buy all the flatforms right now. But, uh, yeah. I’d definitely be judged — as well as out of a whole lot of money in three years when the fad is up. So I’ll resist.

Anyway, that was my outfit on Thursday.


ootd 4 10

ootd 4 12

Pretty much, I got in the car and then immediately realized that the sweater was the biggest mistake of my life. So I promptly took it off, leaving just the back maxi.

Oye, I really need to learn how to dress for the weather…

I did, however, put the sweater back on that evening at an open house event for my university’s newspaper. Sure, it may have been hot outside, but the newsroom is an icebox. And it’s probably just a little too unprofessional to speak to potential writers about joining the staff while wrapped up in a cocoon made from the Pittsburgh Penguins blanket I keep at my desk.

But only just a little.

Well, that is all. Speak to you beautiful people again later tonight! ❤

PS – See the last post in this new series here.

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