Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Rap Monster in BTS’ “Young Forever”

Apologies for the blogging break. I was visiting my sister in New York City last weekend and was simply too exhausted at the end of each day to try to put another post up. It’s gonna be the same case this weekend, too, for I’m spending it in Newark, New Jersey, listening to a bunch of little Koreans sing their hearts out and dance their butts off on stage.

That’s right: I’m going to K Con, and I’m finally gonna see BTS live and in person, with my own two eyes. Someone pinch me, cause I have to be dreaming.

Anyway, fangirling aside, I have another part of my “Young Forever” series to put up today. To see the last edition, click here, and to see the next, click here (once it is up, of course).

Okie dokie, let’s begin.

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Rap Monster in BTS’ “Young Forever”

Here is the inspiration behind this recreation:

It’s very simple and plain, but it’s also very sharp and flattering. I kind of wish he was shown in the video more that way I could get some better angles of his whole outfit. Cause it’s really amazing.

Now for my version:


Way less amazing, I know. But hey, that’s why he’s the idol, not me.

Anyway, it’s just a white button-up, black pants, and black shoes (which you can’t see here lol sorry). It’s an incredibly easy outfit to do yourself, especially cause you don’t even have to match sleeve or pant lengths to get it to look like Rap Mon’s. It’s all about color, material, and fit here. Just have a casual, cottony, white top with some fitted, streamlined black bottoms, and you’re all good to go.

Wow, I really love that this outfit doesn’t need a ridiculous amount of explaining.

Now here are a few more shots of it:

And yeah. That is all.



Yes, yes it is. Where’d you get that hat, Rap Mon? On the side of the road? At the Duty Free inside the airport? From the Amish person you beat up just before filming this?

Come on, stylists. You should know better.

[Wow. Dr. Gee would be so proud of me.]

Anyway, because Rap Mon suddenly finds a hat, feel free to add a hat to your look, too.


It spices up the plain outfit in quite a timeless and classy way.



And now for the shoes:

1D Look Book 536

My usual black oxfords, except from about two years ago when they were actually still kicking. RIP.

And that is all! Once again, click here for the next post and here for the last one once it is up. As always, thanks for reading, and have a great day.

Until next time ❤

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