Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Suga in BTS’ “Young Forever”

I saw them. I saw them live. In person. In real life. Live. Like, 50 feet in front of me live.


I haven’t been the same since.

They were amazing. It was beautiful. Especially cause of Jungkook. Puberty did that boy well, good lord.

Anyway, now that I’ve had a moment to fangirl, it’s time for the next installment of my “Young Forever” series. Click here for the last part and here for the next once it is up. Now let’s get started.

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Suga in BTS’ “Young Forever”

“Young Forever”? More like Yoongi forever ❤ (No? I thought it was clever.)

Well, here’s the inspiration behind my recreation:

He’s so pretty ❤ If I was a tiny, little human, too, he’d be my bias ❤ ❤ (Sorry, Kookie.)

Now here’s my actual recreation:


I’m thoroughly convinced that an exact recreation of Suga’s outfit is impossible, cause what the fudge even is that pattern???? I have no clue, and I know for a fact no one else owns it. They can’t, cause no one even knows what it is.

Lucky for us, though, any white blouse with black, sort of line-like things will do. In my case, it was palm trees. In your case, who knows what it’ll be.

Anyway, pair it with black bottoms (pants, shorts, skirt, etc.) and black shoes, and you’re good to go, Suga style.

Here’s a few more looks at the outfit:

Pro tip: Don’t forget to unbutton the sleeves. Go big or go home, right?

And, finally, the shoes:

1D Look Book 536

Now we’re done. Once again, click here for the last installment and here for the next — and Godspeed with that pattern.

Until next time ❤

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