’30s Schoolgirl Swag

(Sorry for the extreme overexposure you’re about to see. Postproduction can only fix so much.)

My favorite time of the year is fall because I can dress in that 1930s way where I look like I’m heading to some fantastical prep school rather than my actual retail job/college.

DSC_0098 (2)

Sweater and socks from H&M, dress from Marshall’s, and shoes from Forever21


DSC_0110 (2)

DSC_0095 (2)

Now, I know it’s the middle of July and thus too hot to be dressing like this, but oops. I did it anyway.

DSC_0101 (3)

DSC_0102 (2)

DSC_0120 (2)

If it’s anymore of an excuse, though, I was wearing it to work, which is always too freezing cold to not call for a fall wardrobe.

DSC_0114 (2)

DSC_0099 (3)

DSC_0094 (2)

DSC_0131 (2)

DSC_0107 (2)

The outfit is actually a dress with a high-neck sweater layered over top. I love layering dresses and shirts/sweaters like that. In reality, I only own about six or seven skirts, but because of the crazy amount of layering I do, people probably think I own about a hundred.

So I guess you can say I’m secretly an outfit repeater.

outfit repeater

Womp, womp.

Anyway to keep it all from looking frumpy, I simply pushed up the sleeves of my sweater. It changed the whole shape of the outfit, keeping it from looking like a sack. Also, simply breaking up the fabric by showing a little skin really helped modernize it.

DSC_0136 (2)

DSC_0142 (2)

DSC_0140 (2)

DSC_0145 (2)

And last but not least, the socks and shoes brought the outfit all together. I mean, what screams schoolgirl more than a pair of loafers and knee socks? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

DSC_0115 (2)

And that is all. Thanks for reading, even though this was kind of pointless.

Until next time ❤

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