Transition to Spring: For the Cold Days


As we all know, it’s finally starting to get warm!!! But that also means that, for the next month or so, we will be juggling toasty days with chilly ones, never knowing exactly what to put on our bodies so we can stay at a comfortable temperature all day long.

Such a struggle…

But I’ve come up with a couple of outfits to help with this transition from winter to spring. The first one is for the chillier days, while tomorrow’s will be for the warmer ones. Please enjoy 😀

Transition to Spring: For the Cold Days

DSC_0174 (2)

Of course, there is nothing better than a giant, comfy sweater, and the cool days of spring are the last chance many of us will have to put one on until the scorching summer passes again. That’s okay, though. You’ll just have to use your last chance to snuggle up in something warm wisely.


I used mine to try out this cream, oversized, off-the-shoulder sweater from H&M. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever worn anything off-the-shoulder before, so this was a nice step out of my comfort zone.

Off-the-shoulder sweaters are perfect for the spring because they keep you warm while also keeping you cool. So if the air is a little chilly outside, you can wear one of these puppies without worrying about possibly overheating indoors. (Think of the bare shoulders as your own personal AC. Convenient, eh?)



I then paired the sweater with brown and cream plaid pants to keep a very neutral and streamlined (yet fun) look to the outfit. The pants are also from H&M, and let me tell you: They are COMFORTABLE. I haven’t had the chance to actually wear them anywhere yet, but I can’t wait until I finally do!


Finally, that’s a close look at the brown oxfords I chose for my feet, once again keeping the outfit fairly neutral. I’m still breaking the overall trend of this outfit with them, though: They’re from Forever21, not H&M.


And that is all! Thanks for reading, and I hope this has helped you decide what to wear on the chilly spring day you may (or may not) be currently experiencing.

Until next time ❤

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