Pink Day

Hello, everyone! I hope all 5 of you who actually read my blog had a wonderful week!

Just kidding, I hope everyone in the world had a wonderful week 😀

Anyway, I am going shopping today and may or may not be breaking my very long six-month streak of not really buying any clothing for myself other than what I absolutely, 100 percent need. So get ready for a possible haul coming your way sometime soon 😀

But in the meantime, here is my outfit for today:


It looks great on, but I guess it just isn’t that photogenic. Idk.

Also, here is my makeup if you care:

Anyway, I was feeling black and pink and cozy today, so I picked some tight pants and a tight shirt and paired them with a nice, oversized, powder pink cardigan.

Or I guess you could say it’s peachy, eh?

Get it? Cause the cardigan says peachy?

(I’m sorry.)

But yeah, I got all dressed and ready, and then my plans got a little delayed cause somebody is still sleeping.

I won’t say any names.

So instead of going out, I undressed and crawled back into bed for the time being. I also started editing pictures for this post (as well as other posts) and taking some selfies, cause why not? And then I remembered the Huji app, which I downloaded the other day for the first time. So I decided to have a little photo shoot.

And this is what came from that:

I can’t tell you how much I love this app, omg.

(I might be changing my vibe to be this app, btw. Can’t decide for sure, though.)

But anyway, that’s all for now. I’m about to go write posts to be scheduled to go live during the week so I’m not completely silent while I’m at work anymore. Hooray!!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post ❤ Feel free to leave a comment below if you did (or didn’t, all discourse is welcome 🙂 ).

Oh! And before I forget, my cardigan in this post is one I got on sale in the fall from Forever 21 when I was too cold to keep existing. So you probably can’t buy it anymore 😦

Until next time! ❤

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