My Fashion Icon: RM

Hello, everyone ❤

I just want to give you all some fashion inspiration with some pictures of my fashion inspiration: RM from BTS ❤

I’ll admit, I didn’t like his style at first. But it’s become more complex and detailed over the past year-ish, which has made me fall absolutely in love with it.

It’s tomboy chic, which I so wish I could pull off on a day-to-day basis. (Curse my office job!) But because I can’t, I just admire it from afar.

And that is all! Thanks for reading, and tell me if you even know who RM or BTS is in the comments below.

Until next time ❤

(Ps, I edited all of the above photos to avoid copyright infringement. Kim Namjoon, please don’t sue me 😀 )

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