Summer Haul (Forever 21)

Hello, everyone!

I just wanna show you a few things I picked up at Forever 21 last Saturday. (I told you I was going to break my no shopping streak!)

Everything I bought is super summery and is also stuff I can wear to Disney, because I am going again in September and literally CANNOT stop thinking about it. Oops.

I got these two tank tops that were two for $8. They are so cute on and surprisingly very comfortable. They are also perfect to wear with anything high-waisted, which is all I ever wear, haha. So I couldn’t pass them up.

Speaking of high-waisted, I got these shorts, too, for about $20:

I’ve literally always wanted a pair of shorts like this but could never find any that actually look nice on me. These, however, look awesome, and I’m SO excited to wear them!!

(And you better believe I’m gonna wear them like this:


I also picked up this dress because it’s fun and fresh and modern and unlike anything else I own. I also figured it would be good for any weekend occasion in the spring and summer and early fall, so why not get it?

And the last thing I picked up were these makeup removing wipes for $2.90, because they’re Korean and have collagen. So obviously they’re gonna be awesome.

And that is all! Thanks so much for reading, and let me know what you think of what I bought in the comments section below! Also tell me if you end up buying any of the items, too 😀

Until next time ❤

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