Summer Sundress

My phone is struggling so this post will be short.

I’ve been seeing a lot of open shirt-tying lately, and I absolutely adore it. So I tried it out with this dress yesterday, and it was amazing.

I just wish I got someone to take a picture of me!!! Cause I paired it with my new pair of outdoor hiking sandals, and it was the coolest look ever. Sounds weird, but it wasn’t. And I’m so mad that I can’t even show you guys 😦

Also, I edited these pics so many times and couldn’t decide on which ones I liked best, so here’s some other edits just because.

Tbh this dark one is my fave, but it’s a little too moody to use to show you the outfit lol.

And before I forget! Dress is from Banana Republic last year, and the shirt is from H&M like three years ago. So you can’t buy any of them now, I’m so sorry 😦

Until next time ❤

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