These Serums Changed My Life

Literally. I am not joking.

The two serums you see in the photo above are probably the greatest things I have ever put on my skin. And I am not exaggerating. NOT AT ALL.

I have tried SO many different products, and nothing — I repeat NOTHING — has ever moisturized my skin and left me feeling so wonderfully silky smooth (and looking so young!!).

I bought these on Amazon of all places, and I really recommend that you get them too.

Mizon Original Skin Energy Collagen 100 is a Korean product, and literally the second I put it on my skin, I looked like I got a facelift. I now always look so bright and fresh and young and glorious because of it. I use it morning and night every day, and the improvements to my skin and complexion are incredible.

As for Insta Natural Hyularonic Acid Serum, my mom actually recommended it to me. I’m not sure what hyaluronic acid is supposed to do, but I can tell that my skin has been brighter than normal ever since I started using it. And it’s super moisturizing, too, which is phenomenal for my dry skin (that no moisturizer on the planet seems to fix lol).

Here is some unedited, photographic proof, because the words def aren’t enough to show you that you need these, too.

Here is when I first started using the serums a few weeks ago (these were after a few days of use):

Here is me the other day:

And here is me before the serums:

This is the only pic I can find. I didn’t take selfies cause I hated how dull and angry my skin always was lol. But you can still see the difference a little. My skin is dull and dry and has some pimples. Those issues that I’ve always had are now gone, especially the fullness and dryness.

Get these serums. From the bottom of my heart, get them. This is pure recommendation. I have no followers, so don’t fear me being sponsored (LOL). They’re on Amazon. They’re cheap. You’ll love them.

Until next time ❤

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