Bangtan Style: Red Striped Shirt

It’s been a long time since I mentioned BTS on my blog.

I used to post outfits inspired by their style, cause I loved their style. (And then ☺️ And I must add that I was one of the original people who did that, cause it was years ago before they were ever popular.)

But I wanted to make my blog more professional (not that it worked lolol). So I stopped making outfit posts inspired by BTS.

I’m so dumb, right?

That, however, is stopping today.

No amount of professionalism will ever bring me success. Being me is the only thing that could ever bring me success. So enough of this not being me! And I am a major BTS fan girl. Stan. ARMY 😄

So we are back with Bangtan Style. Omgggg, I never thought I’d be doing this again!

Anyway, today’s outfit is just one pic of a shirt that I bought recently. I bought it. because it was:

1. Similar to lots of stuff BTS wears, and

2. Very oversized and comfy

Here it is:

And here are just a few of the BTS outfits it reminded me of:

(Why is his elbow so shiny?)

Literally they always wear red stripes, and I never wear them. So I feel like them when I wear this shirt 🤫

Also, since the last time I posted, Jungkook got even finer:



And that is all! Sorry it’s short, but thanks for reading! More BTS-inspired stuff in the future!

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