Spring Weekend Outfits

Before I start spamming my blog with BTS-inspired outfits, I wanted to get another OOTD post out. I haven’t done one in forever, and I really liked all my outfits this weekend, so I figured, why not?

These are perfect for the constantly changing rainy/sunny/chilly/warm weather that always accompanies this time of year (at least where I live). They all involve layering, which makes them absolutely wonderful for volatile temperatures. They’re also very casual, so they’re great for whatever you may need to do on the weekend.

Spring Weekend Outfits


I was feeling very ’90s Paris on Friday when I woke, which is how this outfit came to be.

There’s something I just absolutely love about high-neck shirts with denim skirts right now. I think both are very flattering on everyone, which is probably why they’re becoming so popular.

I chose a long sleeve, almost sweater-like shirt here because the weather was cool, which meant I would be chilly in the store. If I got too warm, I could always take off my tights and carry on my way (even though that would never actually happen lol).

I especially love the way the stripes look with the light denim of the skirt. I don’t know what it is, but they compliment each other very well.


^Some more angles for you, as well as an awkward peace sign.

The next outfit also features a high neck, but in a very different way.


Yes, it’s a dress over a high-neck, long sleeve shirt. Yes, it’s a mix of black and navy. And yes, the dress has pelicans on it. But it totally works, right?

Again, I was dressing for work, facing the same weather problem as the day before. I didn’t want to ruin the fit of the dress, though, by adding a sweater on top, so I instead put a shirt underneath.

It’s a secret homage to the trend during my middle school days (which felt a little weird), but I got a ton of compliments on it that night, so whatever.

And once again, it would have been a very easy outfit to manipulate for weather purposes.


^Aaand some more angles, as well as the hem of my orange cargo jacket.

Also, I just wanted to mention how much I loved my hair and makeup that day.

There were lots of selfies taken. #noshame

Now for the final outfit, which actually happened Monday instead of Sunday, mostly because I hated my outfit Sunday.


Ah, Mr. Giraffe Shirt. We meet again.

I wore this to take my last final of the semester, and in my excitement to be done/stress to remember 3,400 years of Eastern history, I forgot to take more than one picture. I also forgot to get my garbage can out of the shot. Oh well. At least you know I have a place to store my trash.

I’m wearing a black tank top under the giraffe button-down, and both are tucked into a pair of black cotton shorts. I threw the tights on with it because of chilly weather yet again, but if it got too warm, I could have very easily taken them off.

At first, I had the button-down untucked, flowing in all of its glory. But then five seconds before I left, the idea of a tuck came to mind. I tried it and liked it, so I left it. The other way looked perfectly fine, too, though, so wear it however you wish.

And now that we’re at the end, I must admit that every single one of the above outfits was worn with black oxfords. Cause why wear them with anything else?

That is all. I hope you liked these, and I hope they gave you some outfit inspiration.

Until next time ❤

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