Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Jin in BTS “FIRE”

Bangtan is back (even though it feels like they just left), and I am so happy.

Young Forever is the concept they’ve come up with this time, the grandiose finale to their “Most Beautiful Moment in Life” series. “FIRE” is the song from their new album that they chose to release a music video for, and it’s much different from all they’ve done as of late.

Not that they really had a choice in the matter; “Young Forever” was released as an epilogue to the “Run” MV, and the only other new song on the $24.99 (-_-) album is “Save Me.” Now, “Save Me” is great and all, but considering how serious and deep the group has been as of late, it’s about time they chose a fun, carefree song like “FIRE” for an MV. It’s kind of nice to not want to cry in a corner for three hours after watching it.

They still better do one for  “Save Me,” though. I love that song so freaking much.

Anyway, before I get started with my actual post, I have a quick thought on “FIRE” itself: The first time I watched/listened, I hated it. In the words of my good friend, even though the beat was sick, the song just felt like it wasn’t going anywhere. And (in the words of myself) the lyrics are kinda lame, which only added to the disappointment.

However, the more and more I listen to it (I’ve had it — as well as “Save Me” and “Young Forever” — on repeat for three days straight now), the more I love it. The song truly has grown on me, and when I’m listening just for fun rather than trying to decipher the words, it only gets even better. So good job once again, Bangtan. It’s really a great, unique song, and you should be proud.

But as for the fashion of the video, wowww. It’s probably some of the most high-class, expensive vacation wear you’ll ever see.

That, then, obviously made recreating it very difficult. There are lots of outfits in the MV, many of which I simply don’t have anything to use in a recreation. I felt kinda bad about it at first, but then I remembered that I’m just a 19 year old resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who has absolutely no need for Hawaiian shirts and other male vacation garb in her wardrobe. So I don’t feel so bad anymore. It’s simply a concept that’s out of my realm.

I still managed to muster together some outfits, though, in order to do another Bangtan Style series. I also have some stuff on its way in the mail to be able to make two more some time next week. So there will be at least around seven recreations for this music video. That’s a pretty good amount, all things considered.

Whatever I don’t end up recreating, though, I’m going to make a post of where to buy garments that will allow you to recreate it for yourself. I might even do that with the ones I do recreate, too. I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m on summer break now, so I definitely have the time.

Anyway, sorry for the long intro. I got excited and started talking too much. Now I’m gonna shut up and teach you how to dress like Jin. Please enjoy. And feel free to click here for the next part in the series.

PS – Shoutout to Victor on Instagram for kicking my butt into gear with this post. I was going to start with the general concept photos, move on to “Young Forever,” and then finish it off with “FIRE,” but your homeboy requested that I do it this way instead. So this being up here right now is entirely due to him. What a G. Go thank him with a follow.

Bangtan Style: How to Dress Like Jin in BTS “FIRE”

The outfit from Jin that I am easily able to recreate is the seemingly random pink shirt one.

^Shouts to my mad screenshotting skills, especially for capturing that lip touch. You’re welcome, Jin fans 😉

I need to take a second, though, to admit that this outfit does not fit the concept whatsoever. Actually, to be entirely honest, none of the outfits Jin wears in the video fit the concept, especially that hideous black shirt — which I will neither be recreating nor telling anyone where to buy; I refuse to endorse such heinousness.

Now, while all the other concept mismatches seem inexcusable, I can forgive this one because, as we all know, Jin is our little pink princess ❤ So while his pink outfit isn’t fitting for the concept, it’s certainly fitting for him. And so it can live on.

Also, he is majestic as a blonde.

Now on to my recreation of the beaut:

DSC_0244 (2)

By the way, me saying his outfit isn’t fitting of the concept is in no way me saying I don’t like it. I actually love what he’s wearing. But it seems like he’s more put together for a stylish day at his Miami dental office followed by a rousing round of golf than a casual, tropical get-together with his 20-something friends who are about to commit arson. Maybe if their stylists had paired his top with shorts instead of black dress pants, the outfit would better suit the video. But shoulda, woulda, coulda. In the end, Jin still looks great, so it doesn’t really matter.

DSC_0209 (2)

Moving on, I kept with the formal theme of his look in my recreation, using a short sleeve, blush blouse I found in the back of my sister’s closet for his shirt. It’s a surprisingly good match, too, which makes me very proud.

I paired it with black, cotton dress shorts, and trying to bring the summery-ness of the rest of the concept in, I was at first going to remain bare-legged. However, last-minute I decided to try some tights. I ended up liking it better that way and deciding to keep them. They make the outfit casual in a formal way, which I think works very nicely for the look.

You, however, can choose to do either, or even go with pants. It literally doesn’t matter. Just as long as you’ve put blush and black together, you’ve successfully recreated his style.

Here’s some more looks at the outfit:

And now for the shoes:


I know they should’ve been white, but I literally own zero pairs of white tennis shoes, so sorry. I have white ones on their way in the mail right now, but in the meantime, I compensated for my lack with the above loafer.

It’s funky, it’s golden, it’s professional. It serves the same exact purpose as the white tennis shoes: Spice things up without ruining the whole outfit. And if you really do want to try to wear this to the office, the loafers keep the formality intact nicely so you actually can.

And that is all! You know, I really do love making these posts, but I think if BTS ever saw them, they’d be a little freaked out. Some girl in America likes us so much that she takes pictures of what we wear and tries to recreate them for herself? So she can dress like us, too?? Ewwwwwwwwwww.

Honestly, though, I don’t think I’ve ever actually worn any of these outfits outside my front yard where I take the pictures. What I do on here is more for the rest of the world. I just want to show them how easy dressing in a high-fashion sort of way can be, and I use Bangtan as my example. I’m really not trying to be creepy, though. I promise.

Alrighty, I’ll shut up now. Once again, you can click here for the next part of the series.

Until next time, loves ❤

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