New Blog, New Me


Well, sort of.

Twenty-four hours later, and my blog is officially redone and relaunched. Woohoo!!

How do you all like it? It’s a major change from what it was before, but I personally love it. It’s so much more modern and clean and cute. It makes my little layout-loving heart sing ❤

Anyway, time to talk about content, because that is also going to be undergoing some major changes.

I’m going to be making this blog a lot more about my everyday style and life than what it was before (a.k.a. staged shoots showcasing specific outfits that took way too long to do). This way, I will hopefully be able to keep up with posting because it will be much easier for me to capture the content I want to make.

So expect my next post to be coming at you sometime in the next three days. Cause I pay for this site now, so I’m definitely freaking using it.

Until next time ❤

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