The last thing you all knew, I was traveling through South Korea and planning on making another post sometime soon. (At least I think that’s where we left off, right?)

Well what the heck happened??? Why did I just freaking disappear … again??????

Because school never stops sucking, folks.

It’s my very last semester of college, and it’s been probably the busiest one thus far — not only because I had easy classes get cancelled and force me into ridiculously hard classes but also because I’ve been juggling it all with two incredibly time-consuming jobs. I have no free time and thus haven’t been able to even think about blogging since I set foot back in this country (which is America, for those of you wondering).


I am officially coming back!

Screw school and work and all of the excessive crap I’ve had to do over the past few months. The stress is making me sick, and I need some time for me and my hobbies and my passions again. I need to take some time each day to just relax, and in order to do that, I’m going to return to blogging.

Now, I will never be able to promise posts every single day, but I can promise a post at least every few days. I am going to begin the process of revamping and redesigning my site in about five minutes, and that revampification (which is not a real word) will mean much more streamlined and directed content.

But I’ll talk about that after the site is redone in a post about the relaunch once it happens.

For now, I’m simply warning the three of you who I still have left that ireallyhateconverse is officially back in business and is going to be better than ever!

So get ready 😉

Until then ❤


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