Fall Floral Layers

Hi, all, and Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve been sidelined this week due to excruciating jaw pain after getting my wisdom teeth removed, which means I haven’t been able to post. But I’m about to lose my mind while waiting for my next dose of pain meds, so why not try to distract myself by fitting a little post in?

This is an outfit from a few weeks ago. I took a fitted floral dress and layered a pink button-down and gray sweater over it. Paired with sheer tights and knee-high boots, I think it looks quite wonderful and is the perfect way to start your transition from fall to winter.

And that is all the pain I can handle typing through. Hopefully in a few days I can do something a little more enthralling.

Until next time ❤

(Ps, everything im wearing is from H&M.)

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