OOTD: Casual Travel

Let’s talk about traveling.

It’s really freaking fun to do, right? Right. Going new places, seeing new things. It really doesn’t get any better.

But you know what’s not fun about traveling?

Deciding what to wear.

That’s right, trying to figure out what to wear while you’re trekking everywhere is one of the biggest pains in the butt that exist (aside from world hunger, homelessness, war, and all that kinda stuff, of course).

The best thing to wear while traveling is, by far, something comfortable. I mean, nobody wants to sit in the car for 12 hours while wearing skinny jeans and some sexy stilettos, right? Granted, you can take the shoes off, but what about the pants? Ew.

But, on the other hand, sweatpants and tennis shoes aren’t necessarily the most stylish combo around, now are they? So if you’re looking to look good the second you arrive, that’s not gonna be an option either.

So today, friends, I bring you my own, personal solution:

The comfy yet cute casual outfit.

What is it exactly? Well, why don’t you take another look:

I know what you’re thinking: Leah, those are skinny jeans. But no, those aren’t skinny jeans. They are “skinny jeans,” aka super stretchy jeggings that look like real jeans but are instead super soft, comfy, and made from a delicious cottony material. (In case you want to buy them, they are the feather soft jeggings from H&M.)

These pants allowed me to spend 8 hours total in the car that day without ever being uncomfortable. Yet I still looked pretty darn good once I finally got to all of my various destinations (if I do say so myself).

Up next: the shirt, which you really can’t see! It’s a simple denim button-down with a cute, white sweater over top. Yay! Easy, comfy, warm. What more can you ask for when you’re walking around in the freezing rain for two hours?

And finally, we have the coat. Oh, my glorious, black, puffy, H&M coat! This coat is sadly no longer available, but they might bring it back next year. And if they do, YOU NEED TO BUY IT. NO MAYBE’S. JUST BUY IT.

It’s not only the warmest coat I own, but it’s also the squishiest, softest, most comfortable coat I’ve ever had. It’s like a giant, soft blanket hugging you all day long. It’s wonderful, and it’s perfect for keeping you cozy while sitting in a car or on a plane or on a train or in whatever other transportation you might be taking.

Oh, and don’t forget the shoes:

(Pardon the crookedness of mine.)

You need stylish yet walkable shoes. My choice was sneakers, but you could honestly pick any shoes in the universe that fit that criteria. Even heels, if a stylish yet walkable version of those exist.

And that is all! Thank you so much for reading, and if you wanna hear about my actual trip to D.C. for the cherry blossom festival (as well as some awesome Korean food), then go to my other blog, ledandev, and keep an eye out for that post coming your way in the very near future. 😉

Until next time ❤

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