OOTD: Saturday

Here is what I wore during my super eventful Saturday of errand running, babe meeting, food eating, and gardening:

I looked like a boy, but I loved it. Sporty is my new favorite type of style, I think, and I’m not going back anytime soon.

Also, while I was out and about, I ended up eating at McDonald’s.

Now, I normally eat at McDonald’s about once or twice every five years, but yesterday, I ate there twice in ONE DAY.

I’m shook.

I honestly don’t like McDonald’s, which is why I don’t eat it. But yesterday, boo was feeling a Big Mac around 11 am, so we went to McDonald’s and ordered number one’s.

But lol it wasn’t quite 11 am so instead of getting Big Mac’s, we got Egg McMuffins. Which were surprisingly great but albeit disappointing when trying to fulfill the craving of a hamburger. So, because it was technically my fault that I messed up the order, I promised I would buy Big Mac’s later. (Which I didn’t do lol but at least I offered!)

And then the day continued, with me still wearing this weird but kinda cute outfit:

And then we ended up at buying plants and gardening supplies with my mom. And SHE is the one who took us to McDonald’s to get Big Mac’s after hearing about our morning McMuffin tragedy.

Thanks, Mom ❤

We all agreed they weren’t that good, but at least none of us have to eat McDonald’d for the next five years now.

And that is all! How was your Saturday?

(Until next time ❤ )

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