Sporty Style

For those of you who avidly read my blog (which is none of you hahahaha), you’ve probably heard me mention about how I love me some super sporty style lately.

Maybe it’s the fact that winter took five years to end, but I just find myself constantly reaching for some boyfriend jeans rather than any of my mini skirts or cute, little dresses. And today I would like to showcase that.

(Hi, loaf of bread in my hand, as well as the loaf of bread that is my face.)

I’m starting off with this green and purple number. The shirt is super old and from Ralph Lauren. It’s my favorite t-shirt, and even though I wear it all the time, it’s still kicking and looking fairly good.

To obtain a sportier look, I paired it with my most favorite pants ever that I wear literally all the time: my vintage high waist boyfriend jeans from H&M. I’ve had them for over a year now, and they’re still the best things ever. Get some if you can.

As you can see, I also wore my most favorite shoes that day: my Adidas sneakers that I got at a consignment shop in Georgetown a few years ago. They added the perfect final touch to the sportiness of the look, and they kept me comfortable throughout the whole day of errands (blah).

And I’m not gonna lie: I only wore the glasses to hide my makeup-less face.

Hi from my boy (^^)

And now back to me!

This is the only picture I have of this outfit. I tend to wear this sweatshirt with some skinny jeans when I’m feeling lazy. It still looks cute, though, cause it’s super oversized and thus a little bit fashionable.

I think that’s actually the key to pulling off a style like this. To avoid looking frumpy and lazy, you need to make sure you’re adding some stylistic touches so that you’re trendy and cute.

Ps, this was the only other picture I had of that outfit.

And another car window picture! Just because I like how it looks, and you can also see my baseball cap in it, which is another sporty style key. Don’t be afraid to wear a hat sometimes!

And here is this layering ensemble. I simply took an old men’s t-shirt and put it overtop of a black turtle neck. It created a look that was both unique and effortlessly cool, and I’ve done it a lot ever since. (PS, adding a jacket on top creates an even more complex and creative outfit.)

And here is me and Justin Biebs, cause why not?

Now that is all! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my outfits in this post as much as I do. Maybe they’ll even give you some inspiration and help you create some sporty looks of your own.

Until next time ❤

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