Best Moments of 2020: Winter (Jan – March)

2020 sucked, and I have many profane things to say about it. Characterized by cancelled flights, home sickness, existential crises, pointless arguments, excruciating working hours, immigration purgatory, failed DIY-ing, mirror selfies, and — most obviously — the pandemic, social injustice, natural disasters, and death in general, last year was a knockout blow to the stomach, followed by a kick in the teeth.

But instead of dwelling on all that misery, I am choosing to be grateful for the moments of happiness I was blessed enough to have in between, the little blips of normalcy on the radar that got me through the year.

Please enjoy all my favorite memories from 2020, laid out below in the order they occurred. I unfortunately take way too many photos and thus had hundreds to post, which was causing WordPress to crash eternally. So I scrapped the original post and split it into several parts. I decided to divide it into seasons, so this will be the first of 5 segments (winter pt. I, spring, summer, fall, winter pt. II). If there are any formatting issues below, please excuse them. This post is literally breaking my blog, and what you see now is the best I can do 😦

Finally, thank you for sticking with me from 2014 until 2021, and I hope we can spend many, many more years blogging together 💕

Stay safe and healthy, and may 2021 bring you nothing but fortune, peace, love, and happiness 🙏

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